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Crochet Yarn Sphere Tutorial

This Crochet Yarn sphere tutorial will show you just what can you do with all the little bits and pieces of yarn you have left over from larger projects. If you are like us, you don’t like to throw any of that precious yarn away, but finding a way to use it creatively can be a challenge.

We have an interesting craft idea for you today. No crochet involved, but decorative none the less.

How about making some of these decorative yarn spheres like you see in high end home decor stores? You can make them in your favorite colors, perhaps to match that rug or throw you just finished.  

You can even make them in red, green or gold for the festive season and hang them from your tree, or make a hanging garland.  Or use pretty pastels for a Spring or Easter decoration.  Or reds and pinks for Valentines.

Red, white and blue for 4th July. You get the idea – an easy way to add a splash of seasonal color to your home decor, or for a party.


Yarn Sphere Materials needed:


Find the full tutorial as a download here