Design your own clear umbrella

How to decorate a clear umbrella with paint markers. I'm adding raindrops and mottoes to mine.

I remember having a clear umbrella when I was a little girl back in the 70’s. I LOVED that thing, and living in England at the time, I got to use it often. So when I saw this tutorial, I almost wished I didn’t live in a very dry area now. I’ve not used an umbrella in a decade most likely – and that made me sad. I might just make one of these and then go out in the next rain deliberately just to use it  🙂

Use black and white markers for a simple but striking effect or go for a full rainbow of colors. Add simple raindrops, or a full Spring garden. Or even your favorite jokes or mottos! Strike up a conversation with a stranger in the rain and bring a little smile and fun to a rainy day  🙂

Materials needed:

A clear umbrella – get more than one!

Permanent Marker

Find the full tutorial here