Flower Arrangement Using Colorful Jelly Beans For A Fun Centerpiece

 Flower Arrangement Using Colorful Jelly Beans For A Fun Centerpiece

Flower Arrangement Using Colorful Jelly Beans For A Fun Centerpiece

Using a flower arrangement as a centerpiece or for a party decoration is classic and timeless. But sometimes you just want something a little more fun and exciting. Enter, the jelly bean flower arrangement. It is colorful, playful and sweet, yet still has that classic feel that a flower arrangement provides. The great thing about this arrangement is that by simply changing the color of the jelly beans and the type of flowers used you have a completely different arrangement for different types of events.

Materialsflower arrangement

For the jelly bean flower arrangement you will need the following materials:

  • Flowers
  • Jellybeans
  • A vase
  • A smaller vase or cup to fit inside the main vase


To start your arrangement, you will firstly need to place the smaller vase or cup inside the large vase. The cup should be small enough that there us room left between the two rims, which is where the jelly beans will go.

Next, it is time to start filling the large vase with jelly beans. Pour the jelly beans in the gap between the large vase and the smaller cup inside. If you are using different colored jelly beans you can layer the colors during this stage. It is completely up to you how you would like the pattern of the jelly beans.

While filling the vase with the candy, it is best to hold the smaller cup down. This will stop it from moving around and becoming crooked.

Now that your vase gap is full of pretty colored jelly beans, you can use a jug to pour water into the smaller cup. Only fill the cup about half way, as you don’t want water accidentally spilling into your jelly bean display.

It is time to arrange your flowers. Place them into the inside cup. I’m sure that you will arrange them beautifully!


Now you have a beautiful and playful flower arrangement. You can use this for your own home decor, for your next party, or make one as a gift to someone. These are perfect to gift for Mothers Day.

Check out the full tutorial at Creative Juice 🙂


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