Industrial Knit Potholder Pattern with Leather Strap

The Industrial Knit Potholder Pattern with Leather Strap will find its place in your modern home quite well. It will go well with industrial-styled kitchen or the homey type!

The kitchen is equally as important as the living room. Especially nowadays where visitors would prefer to chit chat as the home owner prepares the food. With this fabulously crafted potholder, it’s a 2 in 1 decor and utility!

Industrial Knit Potholder Pattern with Leather Strap

Industrial Knit Potholder Pattern With Leather Strap


Getting hot pots right from the stove after cooking would be so much painful if not for the help of potholders. This pattern that will create you a fabulously crafted potholders is not that hard to do.

The materials needed are very accessible and almost always available in any stores to create this one masterpiece for the kitchen. You can even use old items you already have like old leathers you’ve already worn out!


If you’re already planning to craft your own piece of this unique kitchen cloth tool, here is a list of the materials you will need:

  • Cotton Yarn – around 138 meter or 85 grams
  • Needles – a 4 millimeter and one for darning
  • Leather – 2 x 5 inches
  • Hole punch for the leather
  • Rivets – metal and in 1/3 inches
  • Scissors or rotor cutter – whichever you find will work better for you

    Industrial Knit Potholder Pattern with Leather Strap
    Pot holder with leather strap pattern by Lo Shapera



There can be a lot of types and ways to make or own your potholders. For those who have the talent to craft their own artistically knitted design, this DIY Hand Knitted Potholder pattern by Lo Shapera would be great!

By doing this on your own, you can customize the colors of the yarns. You can pick the size of each potholders as well! Take note of these when picking the color: Where do I use it? How do I use it?

  • For decor – Choose an appropriate blend of color. Make sure that the combination will be pleasing to the eyes. A combination of light and dark colored yarns just like what’s in the picture is perfect. Of course, this aspect will still depend on your personal choice as the creator.
  • For kitchen use – Make it in darker color. The darker the color, the less stains and dirt will be visible!



The pattern comes in 3 different sizes. Talking about versatility, this set of potholders can also be used as a:

  • Trivet – Avoid putting hot plates or pots directly into your precious counter tops at home. Imagine the horror of accidentally putting the hot pot on the table. Your plastic table will melt. Your wood table will have burn marks!
  • Cleaning Cloth – 3 different sizes for different cleaning surface sizes!

This multi-functional potholders are perfect for the artistic appeal of your kitchen. Also, cleaning or drying this potholders are just so easy as well. You can put them in the washer or just let them dry while hanging.

Washing these potholders will cause the cloth to become softer. It may also shrink a little from its initial size. Whereas, its eye-pleasing color may fade a bit overtime, too. Despite those pieces of bad news, you can be sure that they are still proven to be durable!

diy modern knit potholder pattern
Pot holder with leather strap pattern by Lo Shapera

Summing-Up Industrial Knit Potholder Pattern with Leather Strap

Now that you have a little inkling on what this potholder knit pattern needs and what it can do for you, all you need is to learn how to produce your own Do-It-Yourself potholders that will match your own taste and style.

Match or use it in your kitchen – for whichever purpose, for sure this will make you feel happier when cooking any dish. It feels very comfortable for anyone’s hand at the same time creates an elegant look to your beloved kitchen area.

If you can’t get enough of knitting patterns, go to Knitting News now.

Start looking for old worn out leather, get your needles and yarn and start knitting this Industrial Knit Potholder Pattern with Leather Strap!