Make waves while weaving

Inspirational weaving tutorial. What a work of art! can't wait to give it a try.

What really excites us about the world of crafting is that there is SO MUCH you can try and learn and do.  Take this for example – weaving. How many people do you know out there who are weaving?  Not many?  We don’t personally know any, but then when we saw this project, we all suddenly wanted to give it a try.  Nothing old fashioned and boring about this finished result – truly unique and inspirational.  Take a look and maybe try your hand at a bit of freeform weaving including waves.  We’ve categorized this tutorial under art because, well, that is truly a work of art to be treasured. Check out the great tutorial on how to add waves to your weaving here.

Weaving waves tutorial

Want to know more about weaving?

Want to learn more about weaving, or even hand dyeing your own yarns?  There are some excellent classes below which we recommend.  Click on the images to read more about the classes and see a video introduction of what you’ll learn.

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Scarf Weaving With Confidence: 7 Must-Know Tips is an easy-to-use PDF guide that you can download instantly and enjoy anytime, anywhere. Written by weaving expert Cally Booker, it contains essential advice no weaver should be without. Just starting to explore the wonderful world of weaving? Instantly download this free PDF guide and get 7 great tips that will help you achieve success with all of your projects. From choosing your yarn to keeping track of your work, these simple pointers should be in the back of every weaver’s mind

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