How To Make Moana’s necklace


Disney Moana's necklace, full tutorial. This looks stunning!

Did you and the kids love the Disney Moana film? What amazing animation, and so colorful. We think you and your daughter, niece or granddaughter will love this tutorial for how to create a really great imitation of Moana’s necklace from the film. Even if it wasn’t film related, we could see lots of people loving this – the grown ups too. We’d wear it! It would be great for a summer holiday, cruise or tropical get away.

In the movie, Moana’s necklace is given to her by her grandmother, and Moana’s wears it and uses the necklace throughout most of the movie. It’s a beautiful necklace that has the look of a rustic fishing net. I made a replica of the necklace for my daughter. It’s 15 inches long, so it fits her now, but will continue to fit her when she’s an adult.


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