How to Write On A Chalkboard Sign Perfectly

How to Write a Party Sign Perfectly! DIY Party Decor

How to Write On A Chalkboard Sign Perfectly

How to write on a chalkboard sign perfectly you might ask. Looking amzingly neat and beautiful. You think you’re doing well, you finish up, take a step back… and it looks terrible! How do those people who write up signs for their parties make it look so perfect? Don’t look any further! We have the answer for you right here. This is such a simple technique to use, which is why we love it so much. All you will require (aside from the sign that you are writing on) is some paper, a printer, a pencil and the pen/chalk/paint that you are writing on the sign with. 

Choose your font

Firstly you will need to decide what you are going to write on your sign, as well as the font that you would like to use. You can choose your font on a Word document or you can use an online tool such as 1001 Fonts. If you are using Word, type your text into a text box so that you can resize. This way you can print the text in the desired size for your sign.

How to Write a Party Sign Perfectly

Print the text

Once you have chosen your font and corrected the size of it, it is time to print it. You can use any printer. The type of ink that your printer uses is irrelevant in this technique.


Trace the font

The next step is take your coloring pencil (any color) and color the back of the printed page, behind the text. Ensure that it covers the entire area of the text. Then turn the page over, place it on your sign and trace over the printed letters with the blunt end of your pencil. When you finish tracing you will find that an outline of the letters has been left on your sign. I have darkened the image below slightly so that the transfer stands out as it was hard to pick up on the camera.

Tip: for the chalk board pictured above I rubbed chalk all over the back of the letters instead of pencil for the transfer, then wrote the letters using a chalk pen.

How to Write a Party Sign Perfectly Craft

Finishing off

Now you have the outline of your text transferred on to your sign. Take your pen/chalk/paint (or whatever else you decide to use) and trace the transfer.

Voila! You will now have a beautiful handmade sign with perfect writing. An elegant addition to your next party. Now you know how to write on a chalkboard sign perfectly, Crafting News hopes you enjoyed this post.


How to Write a Party Sign Perfectly DIY Party Decor


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