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When learning to crochet, the abbreviations can be confusing. One of the many abbreviations you have probably come across is BLO. BLO is the abbreviation for back loop only. The BLO crochet stitch technique is often used in patterns. You may also come across FLO. This is short for front loop only.


BLO Crochet

What is Back Loop Only Crochet

In the traditional crochet stitch, you insert your crochet hook under booth loops. When you use the back loop only technique, you only insert your hook through the back loop. This BLO crochet technique will add more texture and stretch to your piece.

When is BLO Crochet Stitch used in Patterns?

Back loop only is used for many different reasons. Some of these are:

  • To Add Ribbing

The back loop only technique is often used in patterns that have decorative ridges. The technique is often used in hat brims, gloves and sweaters.

  • Taller Stitching

BLO crochet will give you a taller stitch than using both loops.

  • Project Needs to Have Some Stretch

Since you are only working with one loop the piece will not be as stiff as using two. BLO crochet gives a thinner piece that has more flexibility. It is a good stitch for creating a soft project. However, they do not hold their shape as well as using both loops.

  • For Texture

Another reason to use the BLO crochet technique is that the front of your project will have a softer feel to it. This is because the front loops are laying on top of the fabric. When you use both loops, the “knots” are on the surface.


Back Loop Only Crochet Written and Video Tutorial

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