Chameleon coloring pens

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Chameleon coloring pens

We love the new craze for adult coloring books and sheets but unless you are particularly arty, they can come out looking, well, sort of flat.  

To be a real expert at coloring and make a real masterpiece with these gorgeous coloring pages, you really need to be able to add some depth and dimension to your colors with shading.

That’s hard when you only have so many pens and colors to pick from. Now there is a new product on the market called Chameleon pens, and as you would expect from the name – they change colors! Or at least they change shades within the same color, from the very faintest hint of a tint all the way through to the darkest shades.

No need to blend with these pens, they can do it all for you making you look like a real artist. Take a look at the video below for how they work.

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