Quilt Patterns Pretty Garden Pattern Tutorial

how to turn a full fabric panel into a full quilt. Very easy instructions and pattern, ideal for beginners and your first quilt top.

Quilt Patterns Pretty Garden Pattern Tutorial

Quilt Patterns Pretty Garden Pattern Tutorial will make a beautiful quilt. We all love a beautiful homemade quilt, but a lot of the patterns are complicated. Written in quilting jargon and endless abbreviations that are difficult to decipher if you are new.

Or they are just made with lots of tiny pieces of fabric and difficult to sew seams. This is where this pattern idea is different. This pretty garden quilt is ideal for absolute quilting beginners.

It starts with a central fabric panel of your choice and shows you how to turn that into a larger quilt by building out from the sides of the panel. Then finish it off with some simple iron on fusible applique flowers and you are done! Your first quilt top and it was fun and easy.

Free downloadable pattern and instructions. Great for beginners.

Two different versions with two flowers included using fabric panels and applique


Sewing, applique


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