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Wool is perfect to use when we are looking for soft and flexible fabrics, not only for our clothes but also for blankets and various things that make us feel warm. However, many find it stressful to see their sensitive wool clothes shrink or become smaller in appearance after washing which begs the question, how to wash wool correctly?

They worry so much that they tend not to wash it as often as needed, and even end up not buying or using wool articles of clothing at all. Read on and learn how to wash wool clothing the right way.

3 Methods On How To Wash Wool Sweater

Though the effects of shrinkage are unavoidable when wool is exposed to water, you do not have to worry because you can still clean your garments using the following methods:

How to Hand Wash Wool

Step 1. Prepare a bucket with a mixture of lukewarm water and half a cup (118.29 ml) of liquid detergent inside. Make sure that the detergent is suited for delicate fabrics. For assurance, better check the label to see how much detergent is needed for your clothing.

How To Wash Wool Sweater

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Step 2. Get the wool garment and soak it in the soapy water until every part gets wet. Next, start to move and swish the garment back and forth, or in a circular motion– just like how a washing machine works to take the dirt away. You can then stop after a minute.

Step 3. Leave and soak the garment in the bucket and let it be saturated for ten minutes, so it can absorb the cleansing water even more.

Step 4. Take the garment out of the bucket and roll it into a rounded shape. Start to squeeze it gently until it is not too watery anymore. After doing so, put it aside for a while.

How to Hand Wash Wool

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Step 5. Either clean out the same bucket that you used for soaking or prepare another bucket of lukewarm water to be used for rinsing.

Step 6. Just like what you did earlier, start swishing the garment around again to wash the liquid soap away. Until the soap is completely removed, continue changing the water and keep the process of rinsing going.

How to Machine Wash Wool

Step1. Checking the label is always advised. A delicate fabric like wool is more likely to shrink if it is washed using a machine. However, it is still recommendable if the label in the garment indicates so.

How to Machine Wash Wool

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Step 2. Put the item inside a mesh bag before having it washed. It is not really necessary to use this bag, but it helps to prevent the wool fiber from snagging inside the machine and the garment from being damaged.

Step 3. If your machine has a setting that is specifically for wool materials, always make sure to set it up. If yours does not have this feature but has a “cold setting” or the like for gentle washing, that will also do to help avoid the garment from shrinkage.

Step 4. Use detergents that are formulated, if not specifically for wools, at least for delicate fabrics. Do not forget to check the label to see how much is needed, depending on the kind of wool garment you are going to wash.

After preparing and setting up the machine, you can put the garment inside, start it and just wait until the washing cycle is finished.

How to Wash Wool Clothing

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How To Dry and Stretch Wool Clothing

Step 1. Prepare a clean and dry towel. Put it on a clean flat surface, then lay the garment down on it.

Step 2. Wrap the towel around the garment and start rolling and squeezing it to make it absorb the water and help the garment to dry easier and faster.

Note: The wool fiber is sensitive, so do not twist it to avoid unwanted damages. Get another clean towel and place it in a clean area.

How To Dry and Stretch Wool Clothing

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Step 3. Lay the garment again on the towel and keep them like that. Place a fan in front of the garment to start air drying.

Note: Hanging is not advisable to use since it can affect the shape and appearance of the garment.

Step 4. If you notice that your wool garment has kind of shrunk before you do the air drying, you can then stretch it from top to bottom, from side to side, then the sleeves if there are. You can use sewing pins to attach the garment with the towel, so it turns out right in place when it dries.

Methods On How To Wash Wool Sweater

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Wrapping Up How To Wash Wool Clothing and Garments

The condition of your wool clothing depends on how you take care of them. Keep soft, keep warm, and don’t forget to clean your wool sweater! Speaking of sweaters, check out our articles on how to sew a knitted sweater together and how to shrink a sweater if you need to.

Be delicate to your delicate garments, and worry no more about shrinkage with these 3 Methods On How To Wash Wool Sweaters.