DIY Anti Gravity Galaxy In A Bottle Glitter Fun

Jun 15, 2020 | Kids crafts, General Crafts

Our DIY anti gravity galaxy in a bottle will guide you, step by step, to making this mesmerising galaxy that you can hold in your hands. The best part?

Spending quality time working on this project with your kids or loved ones, and watching their faces light up on completion. That’s not all…

This is an inexpensive project you may have all of the materials at home already, but if you have none it won’t be more then $10.


how to make a galaxy in a bottle


DIY Anti Gravity Galaxy In A Bottle

Our simple guide on how to make a galaxy in a bottle will show you how to use readily available materials to put together a galaxy in a bottle and keep your kids entertained.

You will be able to start and finish in less than an hour. The DIY Anti-Gravity Galaxy in a Bottle is the perfect project to keep your kids entertained.

It is quick, easy and cheap to craft and it will keep them feeling calm and amazed for longer than you can imagine. We want to give a shout out to the One Little Project crew, where we first saw this idea.

Not only is it the perfect calming tool for yourself and the kids, it can also spark up great conversations about space, the stars, and galaxy clusters as a whole!

You can watch the glitter flow through the bottle as you shake it, and like magic or anti-gravity, it rises to the top of the bottle instead of sinking. Now that does sound interesting.


Create A Galaxy In A bottle Adventure

If you are as big a fan of shows such as Star Trek and theoretical astrophysics as I am, you definitely have to try this one for yourself to see the magic.

So go on and block out 20 minutes with the kids. Mix up the simple ingredients mentioned below to make yourself one of these glittery and magical anti-gravity galaxies in a bottle.


Galaxy In A Bottle Materials

  • A plastic bottle. You can use a clear empty water bottle.
  • One part baby oil.
  • One part water.
  • About a tablespoon of silver glitter.
  • Purple and blue liquid food coloring to make a deep indigo effect. Use approximately 5 to 8 drops of each depending on the brand you use.


DIY Anti-Gravity Galaxy in a Bottle Easy Kids Crafts


Galaxy In A Bottle Top Tips

  • Use a hot glue gun or super glue to stick the lid back on to the bottle. This avoids any accidental glitter spills from a curious child.
  • Also, leave a little bit of air at the top of the bottle to allow optimum shaking.
  • If you have a funnel use it to pour the contents into the bottle.


Galaxy In A Bottle Step by Step Instructions

To make this DIY anti-gravity galaxy in a bottle, I had my little niece’s help. The process is quite simple and you too can manage it with your kids’ help.

  1. My little niece mixed the water with the purple and regular blue food coloring in a measuring cup. She added about 7 drops of each food color kept mixing until we had a great indigo color for the night sky.
  2. I held the funnel while my niece poured the one part baby oil into the clear bottle. The type of baby oil doesn’t really matter, we used the Johnson & Johnson baby oil which worked perfectly.
  3. Next, my niece added the tablespoon of silver glitter.
  4. She poured the indigo-colored water solution into the bottle leaving just enough space for some air. The air makes it easier to shake the mixture together and create a stunning galaxy effect.
  5. Finally, I glued the bottle cap onto the bottle for peace of mind, just in case one of my niece’s friends got curious and tried to open the bottle.
  6. My niece gave the bottle a good, vigorous shaking and the anti-gravity galaxy in a bottle was good to go.


Time For Our Galaxy Gazing

The finished item was calming to watch and the little girl loved it. Stargazing has always been a favorite activity of hers. Next to having stories read to her, we have previously made her DIY dinousaur bookends. So having her own galaxy in a jar was quite special.

As demonstrated, the process is as easy as it can get. Have your little ones help out with the liquid pouring and mixing. It will be a ton of fun for everyone and what’s better than teaching them how to make a galaxy bottle from scratch?

The anti-gravity galaxy in a bottle is now a prominent piece in my niece’s bedroom and I can tell she really loves playing with it. I’d be excited too if I had a collection of my own Nebulae in a bottle.

Tell us what you think about the DIY anti-gravity galaxy in a bottle. We would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and comments on this amazing craft idea.

We hope you are going to enjoy putting together your very own DIY galaxy bottle. Have fun.


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