DIY Birdhouse with a pretty penny roof

DIY birdhouse with a pretty penny roof. This looks amazing!

Having a cute little birdhouse hanging in your garden can really make the place feel homely. There are lots on the market that you can buy ready-made and decorated, which are cute but can be expensive.  If you are here at Crafting News it’s because you love to make things so why buy when you can make a really distinctive birdhouse of your own – literally for pennies!

Get the kids involved and let them help you to paint and decorate the birdhouse – but watch out with the glue and make sure they wear gloves to stop their fingers sticking together!  Same for the grown ups too.

You will need:

  • A birdhouse ready made or a DIY kit
  • A stash of old pennies (did you know that you can buy them if you don’t have enough?)
  • Paint for your choice of color or finish
  • Glue
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