Dragon Eggs Learn To Make Your Own

Make your own treasure! Jeweled dragon eggs, even the kids can make them.


Dragon Eggs Learn To Make Your Own

Dragon Eggs have always fascinated me. And now I can make my own to put out on display for the world to see. And now you can do the same with this free tutorial. When I was a child, one of our teachers was an avid fan of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and once a week we had quiet time while he read us the stories and we could just sit and listen, and let our imaginations run wild.  I dreamed of the adventures, the travel, and the treasure and have ever since been a lover of the series. The image of Smaug sat on his treasure with his belly encrusted with jewels came immediately to mind when I saw this amazing project to make your own Fantasy Jewelled Dragon Egg.  Even Smaug would be proud of these beautiful jeweled eggs.


You will need:

This is a fun craft that the kids can enjoy, or create your own really glitzy and artist versions – like your own Faberge eggs!

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