Faux Stained Glass Painting

How to make this faux stained glass painting with a glue gun! It looks REALLY good!

How to create your own faux stained glass effect paintings at home using a glue gun!  This is a really interesting effect and one that shouldn’t be difficult to recreate at home.

Even the older kids could do this really well, once they have a steady hand for drawing the ‘leaded’ lines on the canvas. With supervision of course because hot glue is, well, hot!

The leaded lines are made with Modge Podge Melt sticks in silver, and look very realistic, mimicking the soldering lines on stained glass. Pair them with the right image and some nice bright luminous paints and you have your very own stained glass painting.

You will need:

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Here are some resources to find the perfect stained glass pattern to copy onto your canvas.

Find the full tutorial here

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