Firework Salt Painting Fun For The Whole Family


Amazing idea for salt painting fireworks. 4th July, New Year, Bonfire Night. Kids salt painting craft idea.


Firework Salt Painting

We think it’s not just the kids that will enjoy this craft. You might like this too! Look what stunning fireworks you can create with this salt painting. It’s not something we’d even heard of before, but it’s certainly slap-bang in the middle of our radar now.

It’s super simple, uses easy obtained art supplies, looks really effective and it a lot of fun too. Everyone loves fireworks – the colors and the sparkle even if you don’t like the noise.

I chose to do fireworks for Fourth of July but let your kids be creative with it! I can see an outer space or under the sea scene being really awesome as well!


Firework Salt Painting Materials

  • Table Salt
  • Paper (black really makes the colors pop)
  • watercolors
  • brushes
  • White Glue
  • Cookie Sheet


Find the full tutorial here