Kids outdoor acrylic painting easel

Easy to make acrylic easel for kids to paint outdoors. Use water based paints and just hose it off when they are ready for their next painting. Also works with dry erase markers.

The good weather is coming and we need to encourage our kids away from their electronic devices and outside for some fun. Here’s a great way to encourage outdoor time, as well as some messy play while keeping the house clean.

The art easel is great for the kids to draw and paint on outside with water based paint or dry erase markers.  It has cup holders on each side to hold paintbrushes, markers, and other art supplies.  The beauty is you can quickly clean off water based paint with a hose and be ready for the next masterpiece.  It can also serve double duty as a scoreboard for your DIY Football Toss Game!


Get the plans for this project here


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