15 Tutorials On How To Make An Origami Cat

Dec 1, 2022 | General Crafts, Origami, Paper crafts

My love affair with simple origami crafts continues! I love paper crafts — whether making a simple origami bookmark or a more complex paper box, origami is a great activity for me to do with my kids. Today, I am swooned by these 15 tutorials on how to make an origami cat that is so adorable not to share with you all!



15 Easy Tutorials on How to make An Origami Cat

I have a soft spot for all things feline, but I also appreciate fine art when I come across it. These origami cats combine the two beautifully and I couldn’t help but share them with you! Cat lovers will definitely be delighted!

1. Origami Finger Puppet Tutorial by The Spruce Crafts

This puppet is a traditional origami design that not only offers a project for you and your child, but it also brings loads of fun for both of you after the puppet is made.

This origami puppet has a cute cat face, but you can make other animal faces, such as a bat or dog, by drawing a different face, or folding the ears differently. 

Origami Finger Puppet Tutorial by The Spruce Crafts

Follow the tutorial here

2. How To Make An Easy Origami Cat Face by Origami Guide

Learn how to fold a simple origami cat face in a just a few folds. This cute origami cat could also be a fox or dog! This simple way of folding ears up at an angle means you can customise this and make lots of different shaped animal heads.

How To Make An Easy Origami Cat Face by Origami Guide

Follow the tutorial here

3. Origami Cat by My First Origami

Here’s a triangle fold origami project that is fun and easy. The great thing about this project is that kids can draw faces on, with children’s creativity it’s endless. And most likely you will end up with a herd of cats with various funny faces.

Origami Cat by My First Origami

Follow the tutorial here

4. Origami Cat Bookmark by Jo Nakashima

Books and cats are the purr-fect combination. Even if you don’t have have your own cat to snuggle with or love on, never fear. One of the ways you can hang with the cool cats is by making an origami one. You know these cats aren’t going to lose your place in your books!

Follow the tutorial here

5. Origami Jumping Paper Cat by Hello Origami

We will have a lot of fun playing with these little kittens, and all we need to make one is a square sheet of paper. Press on the kitten, slide down, and he’ll jump. These cuties will cheer you up!

Follow the tutorial here

6. How To Make An Origami Cat by Twinkl

These adorable paper cats are a fun paper craft for older kids. This is a complex origami project suitable for children who have already completed a few origami projects. 

Each cat uses one square of colourful paper. I recommend using origami paper for this craft, or thin paper due to the number of folds needed.

How To Make An Origami Cat by Twinkl

Follow the tutorial here

7. Origami Cat With A Party Hat by Origami Tree

This cute and easy origami cat wears a party hat, and is an easy origami paper craft for kids. The simple origami project is a fun craft idea for classrooms and schools.

Follow the tutorial here

8. Easy Origami Cat by Red Ted Art

Here’a another easy and cute stand up Origami Cat. I love this little kitty, as it is still easy but a nice “next” origami project for kids who are getting confident with basic folding techniques. I think this little cat origami pattern would look fabulous embellished as a tiger or leopard too!

Easy Origami Cat by Red Ted Art

Follow the tutorial here

9. How To Make An Easy Origami Cat For Halloween by Gathered

Typically the black cat is associated with Halloween, but you can use any origami paper you like to create your bespoke style! This tutorial uses dark blue paisley paper which gives this cat a magical shine. If you prefer you could go for a classic black, or spruce it up with a galaxy theme.

This origami cat is suitable for beginners, and even those who are taking on their first origami project!

How To Make An Easy Origami Cat For Halloween by Gathered

Follow the tutorial here

10. Origami Cat Envelope Tutorial by Jenny W. Chan

In this tutorial, learn to make an origami envelope from paper. This paper envelope features two cat ears at the top, and space for you to write a message, so it works like both a card, and an envelope!

The origami cat envelope also has a slot at the bottom of the paper cat’s face so that you can seal the envelope, insuring your message is safe and protected.

Follow the tutorial here

11. Origami Halloween Black Cat by Pink Stripey Socks

Make this super easy black cat orogami, perfect for Halloween or any other day you and your little one feels like crafting! Why not make a family of origami black cats for the Halloween crafting season?

Origami Halloween Black Cat by Pink Stripey Socks

Follow the tutorial here

12. Origami Cat Tutorial by Katsuta Kyohei

This Origami Cat is perfect for folders who are looking for a more complex origami project. This is probably my favorite origami cat in this list!

Follow the tutorial here

13. Origami Paper Cat Ring by Hello Origami

As for making origami paper rings that look like our favorite feline friend, well, I won’t lie — it’s just plain fun! And if you want to make a few for yourself, who ever said adults can’t have fun, too?

Follow the tutorial here

14. 3D Origami Cat Tutorial by Ying 3D Origami

It’s hard to believe you can make this 3D Origami Cat from paper! If you want to discover more in the magical world of modular origami, this is the perfect challenge for you!

Simply fold paper cards, create the triangular modules, and connect them together in a continuous pattern by following this tutorial!

Follow the tutorial here

15. Cute Origami Cat Box by Origami Spirit

Do you like origami cats? What about origami boxes? This tutorial has combined two traditional origami figures – a cat’s head and a Sanbo box, and designed this delightful origami cat-box!

This two-piece origami cat-box is the perfect model to fill with candy or other small items to give away as a present on a festive occasion. Head and body lock together securely so there is no need for glue or fasteners.

Cute Origami Cat Box by Origami Spirit

Follow the tutorial here


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