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All About String Art: Best Wood for String Art is what you will need to start your string art journey. In this post, we will go deeper into the woods *wink*.

String art is a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing crafting technique. DIY string art projects are also referred to as pin-and-thread art. The art form is addicting and fun.



To get started in the art of string art, you only need a few basic supplies including the best wood for string art, nails, and embroidery floss.

By using these materials, and your imagination, you can innovate shapes, figures, and letters. Easily, it turns into something livelier and eye-catching displays in your homes!

Wood string art can create intricate designs by simply wrapping embroidery floss around nails that have been set in wood. There are many patterns available. You can find everything from flowers and animals to mandalas and holiday designs.

All About String Art: Best Wood for String Art

String Art is a Family Fun Craft

Everyone in your household can enjoy string art, from the young to the retired. If you are looking for fun rainy-day projects, check out the many string art kits and patterns available.

If you have younger children, you will need to prepare the board and the nails for them. Hammering the nails into the wood can be dangerous for young children to do.

However, they will have a blast stringing the cords around the nails and finishing the designs.

Making string art on wood is a very versatile craft. As they say, “Imagination is the limit”. In any case, it’s up to you to mix and match certain colors, as well as the variations of sizes and shapes.

You can design, make, and invent any figure that comes into your mind. Make your imaginations come to life with the string art on wood!


Materials Needed for Wood String Art

all about string art best wood for string art

Hot Air Balloon String Art by Anjani

String art requires very few supplies. Below is a list of everything you will need to create wood string art.

  • String

Most people choose to use embroidery floss for their string art projects. The string is thin and gives a delicate design. You can also use thicker string and yarn. These thicker materials will have more of a punch. The type of string you choose will ultimately depend on the look you are trying to create.

  • Nails

When picking the nails, you will need to take into consideration the size and colour. The size will depend on the intricacy of the pattern. You will want nails that add to the design and not take away from it.

  • Wood

You will need a surface to work with. Most string art projects are made on a wooded surface. However, you can also use canvas. When picking your string art board, make sure you choose the best wood for string art or a canvas that will work well with the nails.

  • Pattern

You cannot create a piece of wood string art without a pattern. And there are a lot of amazing ones to pick from. Some patterns do not have a specific way of stringing the nails. Other patterns are extremely detailed and have numbered instructions.

  • Hammer

You will want a small hammer. Large hammers are hard to use. Tack hammers are a good choice. They were designed for tiny nails.

  • Jewellery Pliers (Optional)

Jewellery pliers are not a necessity. But they are extremely helpful for holding the nails in place when hammering them into the board.

Now that you have the basics down, let’s go a little deeper and talk about the Best Wood for String Art!

best wood for string art tips and tricks

String Art Tips and Tricks by Jo-anna Rooney


Things to Consider Before Picking Your Wood for String Art

Wood is the most common choice for string art because it is solid and sturdy. It is easy to attach the nails. And when the nails are inserted properly, they will not come loose or move around.

  • Choosing the Wood

When choosing the wood for your string art project, you will want to use a soft wood that is easy to hammer the nails into. You will also want the wood to be at least ½ the thickness of the nail length. The nails need to be able to go deep enough into the wood without coming out the opposite side. Yet, they need to be secure in the wood, so they will not fall out.

You do not want to use wood panels with melamine coating. This kind of wood finish cracks easily.

  • Are You Going to Stain or Paint the Wood?

Also, take into consideration if you want to stand the board or paint it before you start the string art. If you want to paint it, you do not have to use a beautiful piece of wood. If you want to stain your board, you will want to find a wood board that has a beautiful colour and grain lines.

  • Where are You Hanging the String Art?

Where will you be placing the finished project? If you are hanging the project in a moist environment, consider using redwood or cedar.

  • Length of the Nails

When choosing a board, it should measure at least ½ the thickness of your nails. This gives you plenty of depth for inserting the nails without them coming through the back.


best type of wood for string art choose wood

Types of Super Wood Board Commercial Block Boards by Linyi Haishun Import and Export Co., Ltd

Best Types of Wood for String Art

If you are new to string art, you may be asking yourself, which type of wood for string art should I use. Here are some varieties of wood that are perfect for string art.

  • Cedar

One of the most common types of wood for string art is western red cedar. It has a beautiful reddish colour and is soft and easy to work with.

In most environments, cedar will not rot. It is ideal for outdoor projects such as furniture, and wall hangings. It is usually easy to find in most hardware stores.

  • Firwood

Firwood is a good wood to use if you are wanting to paint your project. The wood is reddish-brown in colour, and it does not stain well. The grain pattern is average. It is one of the harder soft woods. It is often used to make furniture.

  • Pine

There are many types of pine. Some of these are Ponderosa, Sugar, White, and Yellow. This type of woods makes great furniture. Pine is very easy to manipulate because it is relatively soft. Hence easy to carve as well!

Once the wood is sealed, it takes stain nicely. One thing you need to consider is some pine woods can discharge sap.

  •  Redwood

If you are planning on hanging your string art in an area that sees a lot of moisture, you may consider California redwood. It does not rot easily and is fairy soft and easy to work with. The grain is typically straight.

mason jar string art pattern best wood for string art
Mason Jar String Art (24 x18) by Nichole Achenbach

The Best Nails for String Art

The best nails for string art are small nails with a smooth shank and round, flat heads. They should have a head diameter of 0.05” to 0.1″. They should measure between 0.5” to 1″ long.

The more intricate your design, the bigger the nail should be. This means you will need a longer nail with a bigger head. The larger the nail you use, the more space will be required between the nails. 

Another thing you will want to take into consideration is the colour of the nails. A lot of people prefer silver. But you can use any colour that will look good with your project. You can even find coloured nails.


The Best String for String Art

The best string for string art is usually a smooth 100% cotton floss. The floss is very easy to work with and gives a delicate and intricate design. There are many other types of string that you can use too. You can use yarn, crochet thread, twine, hemp cord, and kite string.

Each type of string will give you a different effect. When choosing your string, you will want to take into consideration the texture. The smoother the string, the easier it will be to work with.


Finding the Perfect String Art Pattern

As we have previously mentioned, there are a lot of patterns to pick from. You can find free string art patterns, as well as paid patterns. If you are new to string art, you may want to consider purchasing a string art kit.

If you are looking for string art kits and patterns, we have already done the searching for you. You can find our list HERE.

How to Choose which Best Wood for String Art to Use?

Are you overwhelmed by the number of softwoods? Don’t worry, here are some guide questions and points that can help you:

  • What kinds of woods are available near me?
  • Where will I place the finished project? Choose redwood or cedar if you’re placing it in a possibly moist environment. If not, consider the other softwoods too.
  • How hard do I want the wood to be? In addition to that, can I hammer the nails properly if I use this type of softwood?
  • Do I want to change the color of the wood? Fir and ponderosa pine are types that you may want to avoid if you want to stain a block of wood.

Comparatively, softwoods are not that expensive when it comes to the price point. So, they are perfect in making your very own string art on wood.


Before you begin your string art journey, determine what materials you are going to need, including the best wood for string art.

String art on wood is a fun and rewarding hobby. And it is something the whole family can enjoy. If you are looking for a new crafting technique, give string art a try.

There are many designs and patterns you can create with String Art. For starters, check out the Best Geometric String Art Patterns and Easy Sunflower String Art Template. When you have made your own string art, do please share them with us on our Facebook Page for every one to see.

And now that you know more about the materials you need, you will be able to pick the best wood for string art.

Use the search bar to find crafting ideas.

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