DIY Halloween Dolls – Felt Pattern

DIY Halloween Dolls - Felt Pattern

DIY Halloween Dolls

I just love Halloween. I mean the costumes, the parties, and the props. Whats not to love? Everything seems so colorful like magic is in the air, witches sprinkling it from above. My kids just adore Halloween too, but I think they just like the fact that they get to eat all the candy they want.

But something that also gets them pumped about Halloween is helping me make the decorations for our house. Cutting out Jacko lanterns to put on the porch or hanging fake webs and dummy skeletons; they absolutely love it. On my part, I find it an outlet for my creative energies and each year I’m always looking for new decorations that I can make and put up.

So, I was super delighted when I stumbled on some DIY Halloween dolls. I had to give them a try even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, and I love the results!


DIY Halloween Dolls - Felt Pattern


The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Dolls

If you have seen the Halloween movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” then you are familiar with Jack and Sally. These two are the inspiration for the DIY Halloween dolls. Their spooky faces are just perfect, and their characters fit the season like a well-cast spell. If you haven’t watched the movie don’t worry it doesn’t matter because it has no bearing on if you will be able to make the dolls.

The tutorials and pdf’s explain the whole process explicitly, so you don’t need any knowledge of Halloween trivia. Though it is always a fun game to play during Halloween; just a little suggestion there.

Anyway, back to Jack and Sally. The instructions for making them are given in quite simple English so they are easy to follow and the texts are rich in diagrams and pictures to illustrate the whole process. From my experience, I found the process very easy to follow, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a regular wizard at felt doll making.

If you are able to follow the instructions to the letter, then you will bring the stunning dolls to life (insert Frankenstein’s laugh).


DIY Halloween Dolls - Felt Pattern


Creating & Using The DIY Halloween Dolls

For these DIY Halloween dolls I will hold back on telling the materials that are required but the full list is also included in the pdf’s and tutorials but here is a hint, they are made of felt. Made you smile didn’t I?

You can also play around with the DIY Halloween dolls just to make them more of your creations. Try increasing the proportions of the dimensions for even bigger Halloween dolls. The bigger they are, the creepier they look. You can mix up the colors and come up with different shades of Jack and Sally just to spice it up.

And they have a million and one uses, especially during Halloween. You can make them as toys for your kids or to give out as presents to your neighbors and friends.

Lay out some Jacks and Sallies around the house this coming Halloween and add to the spooky factor. Since they are made of felt and are light, you can even stick them on a wall with some pins or light glue. But don’t go full witching hour with a whole wall full of Jacks and Sallies because that would be creepy. But I guess that is the essence of Halloween so go all out with the DIY Halloween dolls.


What Are You Waiting For? Start Your DIY Halloween Dolls Today

So whether you were looking to have fun, make gifts for Halloween or for those special pieces to add to your Halloween decorations, the DIY Halloween dolls are just the right spooky you need. They are fun and easy to make and at just the right amount of creepy they are perfect for Halloween.

So cast a spell and order your own DIY Halloween dolls kit from today. I guarantee they will bewitch you with their charm.


DIY Halloween Dolls - Felt Pattern


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