Gift Wrapping Ideas – DIY Gift Wrap Something More Than Ordinary

 Gift Wrapping Ideas - DIY Gift Wrap Something More Than Ordinary

Gift Wrapping Ideas – Hand Draw Gift Wrap

So, you have bought a lovely gift for a special someone, you have a card ready to go and now you need to pick some wrapping paper. What do you pick? Everything is pretty bland and you don’t really want to buy any of them but you have to pick something.

I can’t count how many times I have been in this situation. So I started searching for different gift wrapping ideas, and this is by far my favorite. It is very easy to create and it is different every time.

The best part is that I only need to have 2 items on hand. Brown butchers paper, which is very cheap to purchase in a large roll, and metallic pens.

Creating A Designgift wrapping ideas

All you need to do for this gift wrap is wrap up the present in regular brown butchers paper and draw on a pattern with metallic pens. As seen in the pictures, silver goes very well with the brown paper.

You can pick any design you like. It can be geometric, asymmetric, a sketch or even writing. If you are not particularly skilled with creating patterns, you print one off that you like and trace it onto the brown paper before you wrap the gift.

Or you can even draw the design with a pencil and then trace it with the metallic pen when you are happy with the pattern. For more crafting projects, see DIY Rotating Craft Caddy and this interesting Image Transfer Using Packing Tape Tutorial

Thanks to Minieco for this stunning gift wrap idea.

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