Knit with wire beaded bracelet

How to make a wire and bead bracelet with knitting wire. I never knew it was so easy. I've never knitted before but I made it beautifully first time.

This little bracelet makes a great project if you want to try knitting with wire. Knitting it is simple and quick, and in just a couple hours you’ll make a cute piece of jewelry that you can wear with almost any casual outfit.

Be sure to check out our guide on the types of beading stitches. Make more of these bracelets as gifts for your friends and family. Let them be amazed at your skills 🙂


  • Knitca knitting wire – 10m / 11yds
  • 3.25mm (US3) knitting needles
  • 84 seed beads size 6/0
  • sewing needle


Find the full free tutorial download here