12 Macrame Fish Patterns

Jul 4, 2022 | Home Decor Crafts, Homemade gifts, Macrame, Video tutorials

Are you looking for fun macrame projects? Macrame fish are a great way to bring your love of the beach indoors. If your home is decorated in coastal design, and you love the art of macrame, give one of these patterns a try.



Do you love the beach or know someone that lives for fishing? Below are 12 macrame fish tutorials that are enjoyable to knot.

1. Fish Macrame Wall Pattern by happinessByB

This is a beautiful macrame fish pattern. The completed piece features 3 fish. You can choose any color macrame cord to fit with your decor. And you can also use the pattern to create single fish for accent pieces.

The PDF pattern download consists of 29 pages of step-by-step instructions with photos. It is in both English and German. It is a beginner to intermediate level DIY macrame fish pattern.

Fish Macrame Wall Pattern by happinessByB

Find the Tutorial by happinessByB Here


2. DIY Macrame Fish Pattern and Wall Hanging

Use this free DIY macrame video tutorial to learn how to create a basic fish. You can use this design to make a simple wall hanging. Or combine it with some of your other projects.

You will need 4 mm 3 ply rope, scissors, a dowel rod, and a wooden bead. You will need to know how to create the larks head knot, reverse larks head knot, square knot, half hitch knot, double half hitch knots, berry knots, and overhand knot.

Find the Tutorial by Gray Wonders Here


3. Macrame Bracelet Fish tail with Seashell Tutorial by XanthiElena

Are you looking for a fun macrame jewellery tutorial? This one is ideal for making beach themed friendship bracelets. You can make each bracelet unique by using different beads and thread colours.

This detailed PDF tutorial includes step-by-step instructions with 150 pictures and descriptions. It is a beginner to intermediate level DIY macrame fish pattern.

Macrame Bracelet Fish tail with Seashell Tutorial by XanthiElena

Find the Tutorial by XanthiElena Here


4. How to make 3D Macrame Betta Fish!!

Are you an advanced level macrame artist looking for a stunning macrame fish pattern? This one is sure to impress. To make this fish, you will need 3 mm cotton twisted macrame cord. The video walks you through the project. However, the steps are not explained.

Find the Tutorial by Measure Macrmae To Here


5. DIY Macrame Fish Tutorial | Macramé Dreams | Jamia Nagayo Caparas

Do you like adding splashes of colour to your home decor? This fun macrame fish project uses 7 colours. You can use muted colours for a simple effect or bright striking colours.  

The pattern uses 3 mm cotton cord. You will need 140 cm of natural and 100 cm each of 6 different colours. The pattern requires knowledge of the larks head knot, reverse larks head knot, square knot, double half hitch knot, spiral knot, and gathering knot.

Find the Tutorial by Jamia Nagayo Caparas Here


6. DIY Macrame Fish Tutorial, wall table decor, easy pattern for beginners, step by step, summer decor

Here is an easy and quick macrame fish tutorial. You can use the fish as an accent piece for other projects or make it on a dowel rod. The pattern calls for 5 mm single string cotton rope in natural beige. Completed, the fish will measure 10 inches (25 cm) high x 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) wide.

Find the Tutorial by my Total Handmade Here


7. DIY Macrame Fish Tutorial

Here is a macrame fish pattern that also includes a pretty hanger. This pattern is for intermediate to advanced level macrame artists. The artist does not explain how to make the knots.

Find the Tutorial by The Happy Oyster Here


8. DIY Macrame Fish Wall Hanging Tutorial

If you know someone that loves to fish, this will make a great gift idea. String a bunch of them together to make a bunting or wall hanging. It would look great hanging in a beach house, man cave, or a bar. Knot up this macrame fish pattern using a single colour of macrame cord or several.

Find the Tutorial by Macrame Magic Knots Here


9. Keychain Fish Macrame Pattern by Supriya’s Craft Idea

Are you new to the art of macrame? Then this free DIY macrame tutorial is for you. The pattern calls for 3 mm nylon macrame thread which is easy to work with. The video tutorial does not explain the knots. However, it walks you through each one. If the video is too fast, you can slow it down.

Keychain Fish Macrame Pattern by Supriya’s Craft Idea

Find the Tutorial by Supriya’s Craft Idea Here


10. Macrame Fish Wall Hanging Wave Pattern

Are you looking for a large, detailed macrame fish wall hanging pattern? Then this one may be exactly what you are looking for. The piece features a wave background and 3 fish.

To complete this pattern, you will need 3 mm macrame rope, a 45 cm wood dowel, blue hemp rope, a tape measure, and scissors. It is a very detailed and time consuming pattern.

Find the Tutorial by macrame Classroom Here


11. DIY Fish Macrame Bracelet by Thao handmade channel

Are you ready to take your friendship bracelet making skills to the next level? Then give this fish macrame bracelet a try. It would make a great gift for anyone that loves the beach.

Find the Tutorial by Thao Handmade Here


12. How to Make Macrame Fish Tutorial

Use this large macrame fish to add a festive touch to your next get together. It is a gorgeous piece that would make a wonderful decoration for a pool party, luau, or fiesta.

Find the Tutorial by Macrame Dreams by Jamia Here


Are you looking to make your own boho chic beach decor? Then work up some of these macrame fish patterns.

Coastal design creates a relaxed atmosphere. It brings natural elements into your home, which produces a feeling of peace and serenity. If your home is decorated in nautical decor, you cannot go wrong by adding a macrame fish to the design. 

If you’re up for more fun macrame projects, don’t miss these Macrame Snowflake Patterns, Macrame Sandals Patterns, Macrame Crytal Holders Patterns, Macrame Bottle Holder Patterns, Macrame Heart Patterns and a lot more here.

Once you make one or all of these macrame fish patterns, share a pic of your work over on our Facebook Page. We’d surely love to see it.


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