Sphere Sewing Pattern from Scrap Fabric

Sphere Sewing Pattern from Scrap Fabric is a fresh new idea for a personalized gift to give to your cute kids as a toy. No more wondering what gift to give to your little ones at home for the coming occasions this year!


Sphere Sewing Pattern from Scrap Fabric


On every occasion, we always make sure to arrange something nice to give to someone. If it’s a birthday party or big events such as Christmas or other holidays, where everyone is present giving gifts is a tradition we cannot just forget. It’s an essential part of our lives!


fabric ball sphere sewing pattern
Fabric Ball Sewing Pattern – 4 sizes by Mignon Prider of MignonPriderDesign



One crafter thought of a new technique to add up some more excitement and joy to every gift that we give. Mignon Prider of MignonPriderDesign created this sphere sewing pattern for a more personalized and creative gift. With this pattern you can sew the perfect ball to play with!

The pattern includes:

  • Complete templates for the 4 sizes of balls
  • Clickable List of contents
  • Quick and easy guide for the expert sewers
  • Step-by-step tutorial photos for the beginner sewers
  • a PDF format pattern in 960B file size

Anyone who would like to try this today needs to be of a confident beginner’s skill level as well as someone who knows how to do some basic machining. It may be quite difficult at the start, but how can you tell if you won’t even give it a try, right?



  • Fabric – use a scrap fabric for a more eco-friendly option
  • Filling – cotton or even the other scrap fabric
  • Tracing paper
  • Sewing pins
  • Pencil – or a sewing chalk
4 balls Sphere Sewing Pattern from Scrap Fabric
Fabric Ball Sewing Pattern – 4 sizes by Mignon Prider of MignonPriderDesign



What will make you even more attracted to this pattern is the thrill of how your output would look like. Using scraps of fabrics, both big and small depending on the size you prefer, you can already come up with this special craft.

The bigger the gift you will give, the bigger ball you need to make as well. For the possible sizes that you can make, here are some details that you may consider:

  • Small measures 6 cm or 2.3 inches tall
  • Medium measures 9.5 cm or 3.7 inches tall
  • Large measures up to 13.5 cm or 5.3 inches tall
  • Extra Large measures up to 17 cm or 6.7 inches tall



Mignon Prider tells us that all her creations are designed personally for those sewers who like to have their personal touch on their crafts. Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that’s handmade with the giver’s efforts and love?

Both young and old loved ones and friends are going to love this! Getting a gift made in an extra special way such as this one always creates a great feeling of being loved and appreciated.


easy perfect ball sphere sewing pattern
Fabric Ball Sewing Pattern – 4 sizes by Mignon Prider of MignonPriderDesign


The cliché that says, “It’s the thought that counts” still applies today when people value the idea of being remembered more than the price of the gift itself. With you following the instructions carefully on how to finish this spherical gift, you can not only produce nice gifts but also some nice decors for your home and probably reduce the scraps you keep.

Have you checked your calendar? See what’s the next holidays and celebrations to come. Grab your scraps and start crafting your sweet little spherical gift with this Sphere Sewing Pattern from Scrap Fabric!