Knitting vs Crochet: Similarities and Differences

Jun 1, 2020 | Knitting, Crochet

So how many times have people asked you what you’re knitting while you’re working on your crochet projects in public? Countless times? We can totally relate! It’s really hard to tell the difference between knitting vs crocheting.

So we created this article to help them set these two craft activities apart. You can also use it if you want to learn a new hobby but cannot decide which one to try!

Knitting vs Crochet Similarities and Differences

Differences Between Knitting vs Crochet

Although both crafts seem to produce the same fabric, upon closer look you’ll surely be able to see the difference between the two. Even the main tools used in these two crafts are different!

To know more about the difference between knitting vs crocheting, we listed a few factors you can use to set them apart.

1. Knitting Needle vs Crochet Hook

If you see someone working on their project but you’re not sure if they’re using a hook or a needle, just count how many tools they’re using. Knitting uses two or more sets of needles, while crochet only needs one hook.

Some knitting needles are made out of metal, plastic, and even wood. Unlike in crochet, you’ll need two or more sets of needles to work on your project. You can even use sets of four or five needles when you’re working in the round. There also knitting looms and machines you can use for mass production.

Yarns with Crochet Hooks By Crochetcoach
Yarns with Crochet Hooks By Crochetcoach

Crochet, on the other hand, uses only one hook. Hooks are usually made with steel, aluminum, wood, and even plastic materials. Unlike knitting where you can only use your needles in one single project at a time, you can easily remove the hook and use it in multiple projects.

Crochet needles are also usually smaller than knitting needles so they’re also way easier to transport.

2. Knit vs Crochet Yarns

Even though knitting and crochet create different fabrics, they usually use the same types of yarns. Almost all the yarns used in crochet can also be used in knitting.

Although one exception would be crochet threads, which is not a popular choice for knitting.

Here’s our guide to crochet thread sizes.

Knitting with Yarns By Crochetcoach
Knitting with Yarns By Crochetcoach

3. Stitches for Crochet vs Knitting

One of the biggest differences in knitting vs crocheting lies in the stitches you need to make to create a completed project.

Knit and Purl

In knitting, to create a fabric all you have to do is to knit or purl from one needle to another. Knit and purl are the two basic stitches you need to learn to be able to build rows and rows of straight lines or littles vs to create a knitted fabric.

It’s quite easy, right? You have to keep in mind though, your current row is dependent on the row below it so a mistake or miscalculation on the previous row can greatly affect your output.

Making a mistake when you’re knitting can greatly challenge your patience. Dropping a stitch while knitting can affect the whole row you’re working on and you might have to thread all your loops back in the needle to fix that minor mistake.

Using Knitting Needles by Crochetcoach
Using Knitting Needles by Crochetcoach

Crochet Stitches

To create the delicate and textured crochet fabric, you have to do a series of yarn overs and insert your hook in different areas that create stitches that resemble knots.

Unlike knitting where you only need to learn the two basic stitches, there are a lot of simple and intricate stitches you can make in crochet. These stitches range from small, simple ones to tall and twisty stitches.

Although you also need to repeat multiple rows to create the fabric, you only have to worry about the current loop, your live stitch, in your hook. Redoing stitches is also easier in crochet. Since it is built stitch by stitch, you don’t have to redo the whole row if you mess up a stitch.

4. Knitting vs Crochet Projects

Projects like socks and scarves can be done both in knitting and crochet, but other projects like amigurumi and home items are easier to complete in crochet.

Ladies Cardigan Knitting Pattern With Long-Sleeves from Knitting
Ladies Cardigan Knitting Pattern With Long Sleeves from

Knitting Projects

Although you can make different garments in knitting and crochet, knitting works best for garments that are worn close to the body. One perfect example of this is this flowy cardigan with elegant drapes.

Since knitting creates a thinner and denser fabric with fewer holes, it’s the best option if you need garments that are not bulky like thin sweaters, gloves, and socks. Details and color patterns are also easy to make in knitted works.

Crochet Home Decor

Depending on what yarn and hook you use, crochet projects are slightly stiffer and thicker compared to knitted works. These chunky fabrics are great for home decors like potholders, towel holders, and other items that can be used at home.

Nevertheless, you can also make intricate lace designs if you use the thin crochet threads. Some popular projects are crochet doilies, intricate table runners, and even crochet coasters.

Crochet Decor From Crochet-News
Crochet Decor From Crochet News

Other intricate projects you can make using crochet are flowers, motifs, and the ever-popular amigurumi.

Can you Now Differentiate Knitting vs Crochet?

That’s a lot of factors to consider! But are you now able to tell the difference of knitting vs crochet? If you still can’t, maybe you just have to try them! Start with these 41 Dog Sweater Patterns and 21 Stylish Crochet Bralette Patterns .

If you want to make something textured and intricately detailed, we highly suggest learning how to crochet. On the other hand, if you want a sleek, flat, and smooth fabric, knitting is the better choice.

Knitting Vs Crochet By Jjcrochet
Knitting Vs Crochet By Jjcrochet

We’d Love To See What You Make!

Hopefully, this article was able to help you set apart knitting vs crochet. It would be better if it also enticed you to try knitting or crochet! Check out this website where they tackle everything about knitting including patterns and stitches!

You’ll surely find a pattern you’ll love to make. Moreover, we also have a crochet website where we post various crochet patterns for beginners and for advanced crocheters too!

Working on a project and cannot figure out how to do a stitch? We have written crochet stitch tutorials that can help you. Learn along with the whole community on our Facebook Page.

Join us as we explore more about knitting and crocheting! We encourage everyone to post their WIPs and cheer others as they post theirs. I hope you learned a lot about knitting vs crochet in this article, and make sure to check out our next article to learn more about crafting!

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