8 Basic Macrame Tools for 2023

Jan 15, 2023 | Crafting Tool Reviews, General Crafts, Macrame

If you are new to the art of macrame, you may be wondering what macrame tools are needed. Macrame is a very minimalistic craft that requires very few supplies.

All you really need to get started are cords, scissors, and the ability to tie knots. But having the proper tools will make the whole process a lot easier.


Below are the most helpful macrame tools. If you are serious about your macrame projects, you will find that these tools will make the process easier. And the results will look more professional.

Basic Macrame Tools

8 Tools Used in Macrame

1. Sharp Craft Macrame Scissors

Sharp Craft Macrame Scissors

When you work on macrame projects, you will do a lot of cutting. And the macrame cord can be tough to cut.

Do not waste your time trying to prepare your cording with a dull pair of scissors. Instead, invest in a good pair of craft scissors that are sharp.

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2.  Macrame Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter

Cutting macrame cords can be difficult. And getting straight fringe can be frustrating. Instead of trying to cut the cords perfectly with a pair of scissors, use a metal ruler and a rotary cutter.

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3. Self-Healing Mat

Self-Healing Mat

If you create a lot of fringe projects and want to use the rotary cutter to create perfectly straight lines, you will need a self-healing mat.

This mat will make the process so much easier, and you will not be damaging your work surface.

4.  Tape Measure or Ruler

A tape measurer is an essential tool in macrame. You will need to measure the length of the cords and spaces in your design.

We find that the best types of tape measurers for measuring cords are flexible tape rulers. When measuring spaces in your design, some find it easier to use a standard ruler. We do not recommend using metal tape measurers used in construction. These are stiff and hard to work with.   

5. Macrame Boards

best macrame board

A macrame board will make it easier to knot your projects. They secure your work while often being portable and lightweight. If you create small projects such as jewellery and purses, you will greatly benefit from using a macrame board.

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6. T-Pins

When working with a macrame board, you will need to secure the cords. To do this, you will need to pin your work to the board. We have found that the best and easiest to use pins for macrame are T-pins.

7. Macrame Fringe Brush

Macrame Fringe Brush

The fringe on macrame projects is created by combing out the cords. You can use a steel comb or a pet brush. We like using the pet brush the best, but it is all about preference.

If you do use a pet brush, do not use the same brush as you use for your pet. The bristles on the brush will get damaged and will no longer be a good option for your pet.

8. Work Station

Macrame projects do not require a dedicated macrame workspace. However, if you create a lot of macrame projects, a dedicated workstation will come in handy.

If your a beginner, you need to learn the Basic Macrame Knots, as well as what’s the best Macrame Cord and Macrame Beads to use for your project. We also have Beginners Macrame Kits and easy kids macrame projects that are perfect for kids.


These basic macrame tools will make it easier for you to create beautiful DIY macrame projects.

Here’s our list of Macrame projects you can make: Macrame Tote Bags, Clothes, Garland, Rug, Room Dividers and Shelves, Fruit Hammocks, Lamp Shades and Baby Mobile, Table Runners, Shower Curtains, Baskets and a lot more here.

Once you make a few pieces, you may discover there are more tools you can benefit from.Since several of these tools are basic household items, you probably have most of them on hand. We suggest that you keep all your tools together and organised.

This way, you will not have to waste time gathering everything before you get started. Instead, you can pull out your macrame tools and get crafty.

Use the search bar to find crafting ideas.

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