How to make glue gun coral

I had no idea this would be so easy to make. It looks fab! DIY Coral sculptures made with some wire and a glue gun

Wow, these coral sculptures are really striking. They look so detailed, so intricate and so realistic. Surely you need top-notch skills to recreate these. Actually no! They are surprisingly easy to make.  Start with the smaller one and when you see how it all works, try your hand at the much larger one.  If you can heat glue and blob it about, you can make these beautiful coral decorations for your home.

If you like to add a little nautical or coastal decor to your home, these will look great. No harm to the underwater environment either, as would come from decorating with real corals.

To make those corals you will need:
Some pliable armature wire (for making the base for sculptures)
a glue gun  – Don’t have a glue gun? Read our guides to find the best one for you –
acrylic paint and brush or coloured glue gun sticks
a piece of wood to mount it on

Find the full tutorial here