15 Pipe Cleaner Spider Crafts

Oct 20, 2022 | Free patterns, General Crafts, Kids crafts

Pipe cleaners are a great crafting medium for children and adults. They are easy to work with and can be bent in countless shapes. If you are looking for some fun crafting ideas for children’s parties or just for decorating your home, make some of these pipe cleaner spiders. 

Most of these pipe cleaner spiders are child-friendly patterns. They require few supplies and can be made in a short period of time.

We know that you and your kids will enjoy making these pipe cleaner spiders. Be creative and use your imagination and make each of these spiders unique.


1. Pipe Cleaner Yarn Spiders to Spook for Halloween

Here is an easy tutorial for a cute pipe cleaner spider. You can either follow the written instructions or follow along with the included video.

The pattern does require the use of scissors during the assembly and tacky glue. For these reasons, we would recommend this spider craft for older children. 

Pipe Cleaner Yarn Spiders to Spook for Halloween

Find the Tutorial by Make and Takes HERE

2. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Beads and googly eyes will make this a favourite crafting project for Halloween. Use the classic colours orange and black. Or make it a bright and cheerful spider.

The use of beads in this pipe cleaner spider project is great for helping to improve fine motor skills. It would be a great craft for kids, the disabled, and stroke survivors. 

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Get the Tutorial from Cute As a Fox HERE

3. Spider Pipe Cleaners Super Easy & Fast to Craft

This pipe cleaner spider has a big body and wiggly eyes. The pattern may be a little complicated for younger children since the legs have to be woven through the body.   

Video Tutorial from Princess Square Channel

4. Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

Here is a pipe cleaner spider tutorial that combines pipe cleaners with paper crafting. These fun little spiders have a loop for hanging the spider and scaring your friends.

Glue and scissors are both used to make this craft. We would recommend it for older children.

Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

Find the Tutorial by Easy Peasy and Fun HERE

5. How to Make Not So Scary Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Here are some simple pipe cleaner spiders that your children can make. Just cut the pipe cleaners beforehand and help them glue the eyes on.

How to Make Not So Scary Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Find the Tutorial from Blissful Domestication HERE

6. Pipe Cleaner Tutorial – Halloween Spider Web – Home Decor

If you are making pipe cleaner spiders, you might as well make them a web too. This video tutorial shows you step-by-step instructions for both the spider and the web. You will need 22 pieces of pipe cleaner, pliers, and cutters for the web. The spider uses 4 pieces of pipe cleaner, wiggly eyes, and glue.

Video Tutorial from Skymagenta Craft

7. Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft For Kids

Do not throw out your empty toilet paper rolls. Instead, use them to make these whimsical little pipe cleaner spiders. You will also need coloured paper, scissors, glue, a paper punch, wiggly eyes, a marker, and pipe cleaners.

Video Tutorial from Fun Activities for Kids

8. Crafting Spiders from Pompoms, Pipe Cleaners, and Googly Eyes

Spiders do not have to be black and spooky. They can be bright and fluffy. Use pom poms to make these soft, round spiders. This project requires the use of a hot glue gun.

 Video Tutorial by Lizzy Teacher

9. How to Make Spiders Out of Pipe Cleaners

Foam is another fun crafting material for children. Kids will enjoy using it to make these long spiders. We only suggest that you precut the pieces and handle the gluing.  

How to Make Spiders Out of Pipe Cleaners

Find the Tutorial from Apple Green Cottage HERE

10. Straw and Pipe Cleaner Spider Web

Make this STEM inspired spider and web craft with straws and pipe cleaners. This is a fun project that will help kids develop skills and improve creativity. 

Straw and Pipe Cleaner Spider Web

Find the Tutorial from Teach Beside Me HERE

11. Tootsie Pop Pipe Cleaner Spider

If you are handing out candy for Halloween, get creative with this Tootsie Pop pipe cleaner spider. Kids will love getting these in their bags. All you need are Tootsie Pops, pom poms, glue wiggly eyes, and scissors.

Tootsie Pop Pipe Cleaner Spider

Find the Tutorial by Skip to my Lou HERE

12. Pipe Cleaner Pom Pom Spider Halloween pencil topper | Halloween crafts

Pencil toppers are fun for kids. They allow children to show off their likes and individuality. For Halloween this year, let them make their own whimsical spider pencil toppers. These spiders are super fun and cute. Two pom poms are glued on to make the fluffy body.

Video Tutorial by Mix Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY

13. Pipe Cleaner Spider Garland

Decorate your home this coming Halloween with this pipe cleaner spider garland. And the best part is, your kids can help. All you need are black pipe cleaners, baker’s twine, and a darning needle.

Pipe Cleaner Spider Garland

Find the Tutorial from Design Improvised HERE

14. Halloween Spider Rings using Pipe Cleaners – No glue craft

Your kids can creep out their friends when they wear one of these spider rings. These rings are super easy to make. They would make a great addition to a witch or mummy costume.

Video Tutorial from Laura Berg Life

15. kiddo craft: Pipe Cleaner Spiders

To make this spider, you will need a printer to print the body. If you are going to let your young children make these spiders, you will need to precut the leg holes with an X-Acto knife.

kiddo craft Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Find the Tutorial from Mama Miss HERE


Get your family together and make some spooktacular Halloween crafts. Our list of patterns and tutorials will surely please the Halloween fanatics in your household.

You can also check out these creative Halloween-related crafts: Halloween Plastic Canvas Patterns, Best Paint for Pumpkins, Free Halloween clipart

Make some of these spiders for decorating indoors. And make some more to decorate your porch. You can never have too many pipe cleaner spiders.

Use the search bar to find crafting ideas.

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