The Beauty Behind Fire King Wares Collectibles

Fire King is a widely known glassware brand for its outstanding patterns during the 1940s up until the 1970s. To add, Anchor Hocking Company established the brand to be in the business of producing kitchen wares and dining wares.

If you are an antique collector who has a keen interest in collecting vintage glassware, Anchor Hocking Fire King patterns will suit you very well.

Read on to see the beauty behind the most popular Fire King wares based on its design and color.

The Beauty Behind Fire King Patterns Glassware Collectibles

Famous Fire King Ware Original Designs

Anniversary Rose

anniversary rose fire king patterns

Fire King Anniversary Rose Plate by CottageDesignsbyErin

The Anniversary Rose line speaks love. Husbands consider this as a gift to their wives due to its sophisticated design that can be found either on teacups or serving dishes.

Blue Mosaic

Blue Mosaic perfectly fit on plates. The design is also known for its retro-mod style that has a dark blue and light blue color scheme. Sometimes, people view this design as a stain on a glass window.


fleurette fire king patterns

8 Pc 1950’s Fire King Dishes Dish Set by AuntNinnysAttic

Fleurette is an affordable line made from 1958 to 1960. The circular flower design on every plain milk-white glass made this design popular for dinner parties or afternoon tea.

Forget Me Not

Forget me not flawlessly showcase simplicity through its straightforward blue flowers with a yellow stalk of wheat matched with a long green leaf. The upper-class commonly use this for significant events during its production.


Honeysuckle is quite similar to Fleurette’s design except that Honeysuckle has a darker color when it comes to its flowers and leaves embedded in the same milk-white glass.

Two different and hard to get glass tumblers exists with Honeysuckle design on them. One is a 5 oz. juice glass and the other one is a 12 oz. iced tea glass.

Jane Ray

jadeite jane ray fire king patterns

Jadeite Bowls, Jars “Jane Ray” Pattern by OneRetroBird

If you are looking for the Fire King’s most common glassware design, it is the Jane Ray. Its production ran for almost 20 years.  The most popular color of Jane Ray is Jadeite; collectors search for these pieces even with its steep prices.

More so after Martha Stewart mentioned it in public on her television show and in a magazine.

Meadow Green

meadow green fire king patterns

Fire King Green Meadow Oval Baking Dish by CloudburstVintage

Most of the time, Meadow Green’s design is seen on dinnerware products such as plates and soup bowls. Not only that, but there are other products like ovenware and mixing dishes that exist that have the Meadow Green design also.

Like Honeysuckle and Fleurette, this design is located on a milk-white glass.


Primrose is one of the designs that women always choose. Similar to Meadow Green, Primrose’s design is also present in some dinnerware and ovenware. And when it says dinnerware, not only plates and saucer sets but also the tumblers and snack sets are included.


This design is one of the most popular Fire King designs for collectors; whether they are glassware or antique collectors. The thing that made them fall in love with this design is because of its stunning gold thread color; Gold-tinged serving and casserole dishes perfectly combine with milk-white glassware.


Popular Fire King Glassware Colors


fire king patterns azurite

Vintage Fire King Charm Azurite Cups and Saucers by Jenscloset

The basis of this color is the popular vintage Jadeite. Fire King gave customers the option for either the striking Jadeite or the subdued Azurite. This color is more of a light pale blue.


Ivory is one of the most elegant colors Fire King ever produced. The way it makes a glassware shine on its own could bring the ambiance of being class without trying too much. Plus, Ivory reflects nothing but youthfulness.


pastel rainbod fire king patterns

Anchor Hocking Rainbow by SentimentalFavorites

The Rainbow set is the most colorful line Fire King has ever made. Collectors deem the pastel-style variations superior and variable. It comes in red, orange, yellow, green, light, and dark blue.


Rose-ite’s color is a pastel creamy pink. This color represents feminism and love. It is best to combine it with mill-white glassware to emphasize both colors.

Turquoise Blue

turquoise blue fire king patterns

Fire King Turquoise Blue Sugar and Creamer Set by LucysMidCentury

Turquoise blue represents fun and festivity. It’s also undeniable that this glassware is an eye-catching one.


White color is the most used color for every glassware to print all the Fire King gorgeous designs flawlessly.


Vintage Fire King Solid Glass Designs


alice jadeite fire king patterns

Vintage Fire King “Alice” Jadeite Dinner Plate by ToastyBarketBoutique

There are two types of Alice glassware pattern designs. Vitrock showcases a milk-white overall with a blue accent on its edges. On the other hand, Jadeite has more pieces than Vitrock.

Therefore, it is quite hard to find Vitrock nowadays, which is fabulous for antique collectors. Alice is famous for its circle flowers mark design on glassware.


Charm is famous for its square size glassware. It comes in many heat resistant glass colors, but collectors prefer Forest Green, Ruby Red, and Jadeite.

Fish Scale

The fish scale design is absolutely for upper-class families. The way Fire King made it, it depicts elegance. Many view fish scale design as a mermaid-style texture.

Sheaves of Wheat

A stalk of wheat is perfectly marked around on solid glassware is what this design is all about.


One of the most elegant solid glassware designs is a shell. The way its wave-like design suits very well on the milk-white glass and the thinned yellow gold on its edge speak for itself with a high class.


swirl fire king patterns

Fire King Oven Ware White with Gold Trim Swirl by Keleidoscope

Swirl parades a whirling motion design on solid glassware.

Three Bands

Three bands design is one of the collectors looking for back then. Its simplicity makes it more vintage without trying hard.


Anchor Hocking Fire King Famous Pieces

Ball Jug

rare fire king patterns ball jug

Anchor Hocking Fire King Rainbow Ball Pitcher by ThreeForksVintage

In terms of the most unique design from Fire King, this ball jug is on the list. Many tried to imitate it, but its jug mouth is hard to duplicate. Therefore, the production of this piece was only limited, and it is considered one of the rarest Fire King pieces of all time.


Fire King produces a dish range for each design line so it is well known for its dish range. Glasswares like these could be used from tea parties to dining.

vitrock fire king patterns lotus

Vintage Fire King Anchor Hocking Peach Lotus Leaf and Blossom Bowl Set by VintageFlicker

Fire King Jade-ite

When it comes to the most popular Fire King design, Jadeite is number one. Finding Fire King Jade-ite is not easy thanks to its infamous beauty that rakes in continuous demand for it.

People remember Jadeite as a green opaque heavy glass with different styles. It comes in coffee mugs, butter dishes, or even mixing bowls.


Fire king mugs are classified based on their imprinted design from the plain ones up to the cartoon characters or business advertisements. It is also one of the most common Fire King glassware. Therefore, you can easily find it in any antique malls or estate sale auctions.

Nesting Bowls

rare turquoise teardrop nesting bowl fire king patterns

Vintage Fire King Turquoise Delphite Blue – Teardrop Style by HandycraftyPeru

Nesting bowls are a set of 4 bowls that mimics Matryoshka dolls; perfectly fit with each other and considered as one of the unique glassware Fire King ever produced.


Fire King made ovenware glassware in oval, rectangular, or square shapes and most of the ovenware ranges from larger to smaller ones. These are some of the most common pieces.

Storing Refrigerator Dishes

Storing refrigerator dishes are classified as today’s Tupperware back then. The difference between the two is that refrigerator dishes can directly reheat without transferring the food inside it. Users use this to store food.

Happy collecting!