What is a Serger Machine and What is a Serger used for?

Do you know what is a Serger Machine? Let alone, heard of it? Well, Have you ever wondered why there’s always a zigzag-straight line combination stitch in every borderline of your clothes? Or how do your clothes become so strong whenever you insist it fit on your body?

Read on to see what is a serger and how sergers play a vital role in every clothing.

What is a Serger Machine and What is a Serger Used For?


Serger and its important role in sewing

What is a Serger Sewing Machine?

A serger is a specialized sewing machine most commonly known as an overlocker sewing machine. The stitch made by this specialized machine is called a serger stitch or overlock stitch. It is responsible for giving clothes’ sew some durability and span so it can’t be easily torn out.

In short, a serger is a sewing machine that fastens fabrics together as a finishing stitch.


What is Overlock or Serger Stitch

Pfaff Coverlock 4.0 – Copy by Gursewingmachines


What is Overlock or Serger Stitch?

Serger stitch can bring a high-quality stitch without overpassing the clothes designs as it can fancy up the clothes’ condition. That is the role of the zigzag-straight line combination stitch you always see at the back of your clothes.

As you can see, the serger stitch seems like a very well stitched over the edge of every fabric. It was designed for seaming, hemming, or edging. Some people even claim that having an overlock stitch in every clothes makes it look more professional, especially those who love to sew their own clothes at home.

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Baby Lock Serger Machine – Celebrate by SallieTomatoDesigns

For you to achieve such professional output, an overlocker sewing machine or serger is what you all need!

  • Sergers can operate at a high speed – up to 1700 stitches per minute.
  • The machine can use 3 to 8 cones of threads simultaneously, compared to a regular sewing machine’s maximum of two.

Basically, to create such a zigzag-straight line combination, one stitch is not enough that’s why multiple threads are stitched simultaneously.

Furthermore, the serger can trim the cloth’s edges after it is sewed. You can also turn it off whenever you want at your convenience though there are still machines that do not implement an automatic cutter.



The best thing about a serger is that it is not capable of only one thing. A serger is also known for its lasting and versatile stitches that you can use for construction, reinforcement, or decoration. And most of the time, sewers use different kinds of stitches depending on their fabric use or functions.

what is a serger used for

Rolled Hem Romper Sewing Pattern by Brindilleandtwig

  • Overlock Stitch – This stitch will keep the clothes’ edges from unraveling by giving it a professional finish that encases the seams and uses the threads to lock the fabric edge.
    • Double overlock stitch – The most popular overlocker stitch due to its many uses.
    • Triple overlock stitch – When it comes to decorative stitch, triple overlock stitch is the most accurate one.
    • Four-thread overlock stitch – The more durable stitch is the four-thread overlock stitch. It is usually used when your fabric requires to be both sturdy and elastic. It also can embellish borderlines.

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      Harem Coverall Sewing Pattern by Brindilleandtwig

  • Cover Stitch – Sewers commonly use this to make the hems of store-bought shirts. To make this, fold the fabric edge, then stitch over the folded raw hem.
  • Flatlock Stitch – Flatlock stitch binds together fabrics that end up open flat.
  • Rolled Hem – Lightweight fabrics and table napkins typically use this stitch. It blankets the border of the fabric in a small roll of thread.


What Does a Serger Do?

Even though there are some pieces you can do with a serger alone, this machine can’t totally replace a regular sewing machine. A serger instead, is an excellent complement to your sewing machine.

Here is a list of things your serger can help you with:

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Baby Romper Pattern by Whimsycouture

  • Multiple stitches combinations
  • Faster sewing – A serger machine will take your sewing project half the time to finish because it’s twice as fast as a sewing machine.
  • Sewing knits and stretch fabrics – These types of fabric is hard to execute with a sewing machine. So, if you often work with these types of materials, getting a serger will definitely make your life easier.
  • Quilt – Adding the right accessories to your serger will make quilting possible.
  • Sewing business – A serger machine provides a neater and professional quality stitching because it uses more threads all in one go. It can sew faster too, so it’s helpful in mass production.
  • Decorative techniques – The more threads your serger can accommodate, the more types of decorative stitching your machine can do.


Now You Know What is a Serger and How Important it is for Sewing

Indeed, an overlocker machine or serger has several advantages. It will definitely assist you in providing exceptional output – Perfect combination with your sewing machine!

So if you are thinking of having one, perhaps, it is the right time. Working with a serger in your home will probably convince you to do more. You can even try selling due to its flawless finishing edges that will make you look like a professional sewer!