R2D2 Shelf DIY Corner Shelf Tutorial

Plans for a DIY R2D2 shelf with lights to build.

R2D2 Shelf DIY Corner Shelf

R2D2 Shelf DIY Corner Shelf is absolutely fantastic. We’ve mentioned before our love of Sci-Fi and everything geeky, so there were squeals when we found this DIY R2D2 ‘nerd shelf’ for displaying your precious items.

With genuine Star Wars licensed furniture selling for a lot of money, you can make this custom shelf for around $50, a little more if you want to add lights.  Great for a kids room, or a man-cave.  

There are plans you can download (see link at the bottom) and some images of it being constructed. You would need some basic woodworking tools and skills, but if you know a man (or woman) who does, then this project is a winner!

Make your own R2-D2 shelf cabinet that fits neatly into a corner. The sturdy unit has four shelves to display your collectibles, toys, books, discs, … or whatever you want to use it for! You can add an option LED light rope to really make it shine!

Dimensions: Each completed R2-D2 shelf unit measures approximately 24″ W x 24″ D x 54″ H.

R2D2 Shelf Materials

* (1) 48″ x 96″ x 1/2″ plywood sheet
* (1) 2″x4″x4′ lumber
* Bolts, wing nuts, wood screws, washers, wood glue, paint, gloss clear coat
* (1) 6′ LED light rope (optional)
* Tools: table saw, jigsaw, drill

In the suggested materials below you’ll find a remote control LED lights kit and a pushbutton kit for recording and playing your Star Wars sounds.  Hang up the R2D2 lights, sit back in the chair and your nerdy room do-over is complete!

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Buy the R2D2 shelf unit plans here

See the unit being made here