Easter Egg Painting Kit Family Fun – Kids Crafts

Easter Egg Painting Kit Family Fun - Kids Crafts

Easter Egg Painting Kit

Easter is just over the horizon, and the DIY Easter egg painting kit couldn’t have come at a better time. The kit lets you make the most stunning Easter egg creations using paints and paper mashee.  

We know the hustle that goes into the making of Easter eggs not to mention just acquiring the materials just to make them. The Easter egg painting kit solves all your problems in one go. So what exactly is contained in the DIY Priysanka kit?


Easter Egg Painting Kit Includes:

  • Wooden Eggs
  • Paints
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Ribbon

Easter Egg Painting Kit Family Fun Kids Crafts

The main instructions for the Easter egg painting kit are to have fun. Well, not only to have fun but the instructions are found free online on etsy.com. Just decide what you want to paint on your egg and don’t limit what you can imagine doing.

Cover the egg with a base color, mark out your design with a pencil and then start decorating the egg. There are a few examples on included along in the kit just to jog your creativity.

Traditionally different designs had different meanings, and the eggs were given as gifts. There were eggs to represent good health, a celebration of birth and even safe passage into the afterlife. You can make an egg to represent any situation that you want, feel free to let your imagination loose.

Easter Egg Painting Kit Family Fun Kids Crafts

A Great Bonding Experience 

The Easter egg painting kit is also an excellent pass time for the whole family. This Easter you can order a few DIY Priysanka kits and get the entire family involved in making the eggs.  The bonding experience you will get through the entire process is priceless.

You can even make eggs for each other just to make it more interesting. If anything your kids will fall in love with the kit and in return, they will make some eggs for you to show you their love. You can also break out the kits during your Easter holidays party as a party activity.

No one can resist a good time, and the Easter egg painting kit is just that. They are bound to be an icebreaker that will get everyone talking as they ask for each other’s advice while designing the eggs.Easter Egg Painting Kit Family Fun Kids Crafts

Make A Party Of It

Lay the kits out in small clusters around your home and let everyone settle where they feel comfortable. Pretty soon the sound of laughter will fill your house I guarantee it.

The makers of the kits also encourage you to try using other materials other than the ones contained in the kit. Try sticking some beads or gemstones on the eggs. You can create really stunning pieces if you want. 

Easter eggs that you can use as decorative pieces in your home. The best part of the kits is that they have stencils of the basic designs and shapes you will use so you don’t have to know anything about art at all.

 So if you were looking for a change of pace this Easter, then the Easter egg painting kit is just the thing that you need. It is fun for you and your whole family and you are bound to end up with the most beautiful Easter eggs. So go on and order your very own Easter egg painting kit and start making those memories.

Easter Egg Painting Kit Family Fun Kids Crafts


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