9 DIY Felt Roses – How To Make Felt Roses

Nov 21, 2021 | Valentines Day, Homemade gifts, Seasonal crafting

Whether you simply lack a green thumb or are looking for an easy way to bring the outdoors in, creating felt roses is simple, fun process.

Unlike paper, felt roses are thick, sturdy and can withstand all that you wedding day could possibly throw at them. Paper can rip and crumple in a flash – but not felt!

DIY Felt Roses How To Make Felt Roses


9 Felt Rose Patterns

These delightful felt roses will not only be a heartfelt and charming expression of love or friendship but they’ll last forever. It just takes a few minutes and a little bit of craft felt to recreate some of nature’s prettiest blossoms and make someone’s day a little bit brighter!


1. Felt Wild Roses Template by Lia Griffith

We cannot get over how gorgeous these felt wild roses are! There aren’t too many pieces, making this a great felt flower for beginners.

And this felt rose template shows you how to make the entire bouquet — from the full blooms to the closed buds to the greenery. One rose and one bud look so pretty together in a vase. Or you can make more for a fuller arrangement.

Felt Wild Roses Template by Lia Griffith

Follow the tutorial here


2. Felt Hair Pin And Boutonniere by Lia Griffith

Make a little homemade magic with this beautiful felt rose hair pin and boutonniere! With just a few supplies and a set of simple step-by-step instructions, it’s time for you to get fancy with felt.

Create this piece to work either as a hair pin or as a boutonniere — perfect for a wedding or another celebration, or even lovely for an everyday accent piece. 

Felt Hair Pin And Boutonniere by Lia Griffith

Follow the tutorial here

3. DIY Felt Rose Stems by The Yellow Birdhouse

This is a beautiful and really simple rolled felt flower that is perfect for beginners! Create a sweet arrangement to adorn your breakfast table, without the hassle of ever having to remember to water it. These DIY felt rose stems come together in just a few minutes and they just look so pretty!

DIY Felt Rose Stems by The Yellow Birdhouse

Follow the tutorial here


4. How To Make Small Felt Roses by Crafty Marie

Miniature felt flowers make great embellishments for so many craft projects as well as to finish off fashion and hair accessories such as headbands and hair clips.

This how to make felt roses tutorial will show you how to make (the cutest) mini felt roses that can by made with both no-sew and sewing methods – whichever you prefer.

How To Make Small Felt Roses by Crafty Marie

Follow the tutorial here


5. Rainbow Felt Roses Tutorial by American Felt & Craft

There is no quicker way to brighten up a space than with a bouquet of felt rainbow roses. These beauties make a great DIY felt floral arrangement or even a stunning felt bridal bouquet for a color loving bride.

Bring some rainbows into your space with this free, no sew rainbow felt rose pattern and tutorial. 

Rainbow Felt Roses Tutorial by American Felt & Craft

Follow the tutorial here


6. Pink Felt Rose Flower Brooch by Pandahall

This pink felt rose flower brooch can be used to make bold embellishments to hats, scarves, bags, or other accessories. You can also DIY this pink felt rose flower brooch from recycled felted-wool sweaters and scraps.

As this DIY project only requires basic craft tools, it’s perfect for beginning crafters. 

Pink Felt Rose Flower Brooch by Pandahall

Follow the tutorial here


7. DIY Felt Roses Heart by All Day Chic

If you are in love, or simply a romantic person and you like to make romantic gifts or statements, or you just love having new decorations in your house, you will absolutely love this tutorial on how you can make your own Felt Roses Heart.

DIY Felt Roses Heart by All Day Chic

Follow the tutorial here


8. Rosebud Felt Flower Bouquet by Fave Crafts

These dainty felt rosebud bouquets are perfect for everyone who has a struggling green thumb! You can choose to add them to small vases, teacups and more – these would make great table centerpieces if you created larger bouquets.

These rosebuds have a bit of sparkle with the addition of a crystal flatback center – if you prefer them not as glam, keep them plain.

Rosebud Felt Flower Bouquet by Fave Crafts

Follow the tutorial here


9. DIY Felt Roses – How To Make Felt Roses

The month of love is fast approaching. February is a few days away, and you probably want to find the perfect gift that will melt your lover’s heart. You may want to make sure that they know just how much you love them, so your gift has to convey that message.

DIY Felt Roses - How To Make Felt Roses

So why not try something different this Valentine?  Why not learn how to make felt roses and absolutely wow your lover? The best gifts always come from the heart, and I believe making a gift with your own two hands is as close as you can get.

As stunning as they are your lover won’t be able to resist these felt roses. And all you will have to do is to put your time and dedication into making them.  Trust me you won’t need to tell your better half that you love them after you hand them a bouquet of handmade felt roses.

So what materials will you need to make such beautiful felt roses?

DIY Felt Roses Materials

  • Felt in the color of your choice
  • Shears
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thread, needle, and scissors

So from the list above you can see that you don’t require much to make your elegant bouquet. All of the materials you can find them at your local arts and crafts store. Now all you need is to dedicate some time to make the roses.

Easy To Follow Video With Detailed Step By Step Instructions

The procedure is not hard to follow, and you require no exceptional skills to work with the felt. The how to make felt roses tutorial is very detailed and will guide you every step of the way.

The necessary procedure involves first cutting out pieces of felt in the shape of rose petals. Then roll up one piece of felt, glue it or sew it to make sure it keeps its shape.

After that, you can start gluing the pieces of felt on the rolled up piece in the shape of a rose. You repeat the process until you have your full bouquet.

Let The Video Unleash Your Creative Side

The best thing about the how to make felt roses tutorial is that it does not limit you. Try forming budding roses instead of the fully opened roses in the tutorial. If you made the roses perfectly, you would have your lover weak at the knees with love.

The how to make felt roses tutorial is not only meant to let you make roses for valentines. Just as there are many uses for roses, you can use felt roses to substitute them.

Roses can be quite expensive especially when you need them in large quantities so instead of buying a ton to decorate a wedding you can make felt roses to use instead. And these roses don’t wither and are not perishable so you can re-purpose them later on.

Try decorating your home with a few felt roses here and there and no doubt they will liven up the place. Use the felt roses in any way that you want, and they won’t disappoint.

To conclude, if you didn’t know how to make felt roses then you need to and soon. This is an indispensable skill to have. Whether you are making them for a gift, for décor or fun these felt roses are just too beautiful to ignore, and you will love them.


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Make sure to share your felt roses (or your work-in-progress) with us on our Facebook Page. We always enjoy seeing your work and hearing about how the craft process went.

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With these felt roses, you can enjoy this wonderful flower all year long!

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