20 Stylish Ideas for Patching Jeans

May 9, 2022 | General Crafts, Sewing

Ripping your favourite pair of jeans can be frustrating. And it is not cheap to go out and buy a new pair. Do not throw away your old jeans because they are worn out or have holes. Instead, use one of these stylish ideas for patching jeans.



When people think of patching jeans, they often think about the old ugly patches. No longer do you have to head to the craft store to buy plain old boring patches.

21 Techniques for Patching Jeans

Instead, get creative and have fun with one or more of these following techniques for patching jeans.

1. Patching Jeans with Lace

Patching Jeans with Lace

Do not spend a fortune on a designer pair of ripped jeans with lace. Make your own. The lace will add a feminine touch and prevent the jeans from ripping any further.

Find the Tutorial Here


2. DIY How to Patch Jeans

DIY How to Patch Jeans

Add some visual interest to your jeans by using patterned fabric. Sew the fabric inside the pants, so it peeks out through the holes.

Find the DIY How to Patch Jeans Tutorial Here 


3. Custom DIY Iron on Patches for Jeans

Custom DIY Iron on Patches for Jeans

You can make your own iron-on patches with scrap fabric and Heat and Bond. This is a great option for children’s pants. Find a fabric that pictures their favourite cartoon or comic book characters to make a unique pair of jeans.


4. Painted Patches

Painted Patches

Go ahead and use those old ugly patches when patching jeans. But when you are done, add some fun decorations with a permanent marker and acrylic paint.


5. How to Patch Jeans with Crochet Lace

How to Patch Jeans with Crochet Lace

Do you enjoy working on crochet projects? Why not take that skill and patch your jeans?


6. Denim & leather patchwork: customise your jeans

Denim & leather patchwork

Customize your jeans by layering denim and leather patches. You will be able to create a truly unique pair of jeans with this method.


7. DIY Patching Jeans: Monster Knee

DIY Patching Jeans Monster Knee

Kids will love wearing these fun monster knee pants. You can even let them help you design the monster.


8. Reversed Applique

Reversed Applique

This tutorial is for making a denim pillow. But there is no reason you cannot use this spiffy idea for patching jeans. Turn your holes into fun little hearts.


9. Maddie’s Patched Jeans Hack

Maddie’s Patched Jeans Hack

If you do not fancy yourself a sewer, check out this hack for patching jeans from Brit+Co. You can use plaid material to create a 90s grunge vibe or any patterned fabric you like.


10. DIY Patching Jeans For Kids

DIY Patching Jeans For Kids

Do not just patch the hole. Alter the look of the jeans and lengthen the pants if needed.


11. Visible Mending

Visible Mending

Use a visible mending technique to hide damage or discoloration. You can make a simple square or get creative and create more visually interesting designs.


12. Cloudy Pants

Cloudy Pants

These little clouds are ideal for patching the jeans of children. You can even add them to new jeans to help prevent holes from crawling.


13. Big and Bold Denim Patches

Big and Bold Denim Patches

If you are going to use a denim patch, why not make it big and bold. These large patches span the existing fabric and are sewn to the legs. This will prevent the patches from falling off.


14. Embroidered Lace Patched Jeans

Embroidered Lace Patched Jeans

You can buy premade embroidered lace patches at most craft stores. Simply place the patch over the hole and stitch it to the jeans. You can even combine patches.

Find the Embroidered Lace Patched Jeans Tutorial here

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15. How To Patch Jeans Tutorial

How To Patch Jeans Tutorial

Layer several patches in different areas to create a pair of super cute and girly jeans.


16. Add Leather Cuffs to Your Jeans

Add Leather Cuffs to Your Jeans

Are your cuffs fraying and looking ragged? Why not add leather cuffs. You will need a heavy duty sewing machine to sew the materials together. Check our review on the Best Leather Sewing Machines here.


17. An Easy, No-Sew Way to Patch Jeans

Here is a super simple way on how to patch jeans that does not require any sewing. Instead, you will use fabric glue.


18. DIY Sashiko Denim Repair (Boro)

DIY Sashiko Denim Repair (Boro)

Upgrade your tattered jeans with this Japanese style technique. Use scraps of fabric and a running stitch to create this stylish design.


19. Studded Patched Jeans

Studded Patched Jeans

Are the seams of your jeans coming loose? Or the corner of a pocket? Use studs to secure the fabric.


20. The Art of Visible Mending

The Art of Visible Mending

Why try to hide the mend? Make the patches visible and put a lot of them. Then use the Japanese Sashiko technique to add extra interest.

Find the Tutorial here

Are you a huge fan of jeans? Do you wear them frequently? If so, you know they can wear thin and rip. Do not let a small hole deter you from enjoying your favourite pair of pants.

Patching jeans is easy, and there are countless ways you can make your jeans stylish and unique. Show us your revamped jeans on our Facebook Page

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