15 Tie Dying Sweatshirt Patterns

Apr 27, 2022 | Art, drawing or painting, General Crafts, Video tutorials

You can find tie dye shirts everywhere. But sweatshirts are few and far between. If you are looking to show off your hippie style during the cold months, you need a sweatshirt.

Unlike t shirts, sweatshirts are thick and harder to work with. But that is not something that should stop you from tie dying sweatshirts.



Below are 15 tie dye sweatshirt patterns you can make at home. There are simple crinkle designs and more intricate tie dye patterns.


How to Tie Dye Sweatshirt

Tie dying a sweatshirt is comparable to tie dying a t shirt. Sweatshirts are just thicker, and they are not as easy to fold and manipulate. But that should not stop you. They are still fun to create and wear.

tie dying sweatshirt


Below are the basic steps for tie dying sweatshirt: 

  • Prepare your work area. Tie dying is messy!
  • If necessary, pre-soak the sweatshirt in a soda ash solution. Some dyes do not require this.
  • Get the dye ready. Some dyes come ready to use. While others require mixing. And some tie dye sweatshirt patterns use bleach too.
  • Pick a pattern and fold the sweatshirt.
  • Follow the tutorial and apply the dye or bleach.
  • Let the dye cure. The time will vary depending on the dye used.
  • Thoroughly rinse the dye and/or bleach from the sweatshirt.
  • Wash and dry the garment by itself.


Basic Supplies Needed for Tie Dying Sweatshirt

  • Sweatshirt (100% natural fibre)
  • Dye and/or Bleach
  • Rubber Bands
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Large Bucket
  • Squeeze Bottles
  • Washable Fabric Marker
  • Forceps


15 Sweatshirt Tie Dye Patterns


1. Tie Dye a Spiral Hoodie

Even though a sweatshirt is thick, you can still get a spiral tie dye design. This video tutorial will show you how to twist the sweatshirt to create the classic tie dye design.

Find the Tutorial by MrTieDye HERE


2. Tie-dye pattern : Galaxy Scrunch Hoodie with Stars!

Tie dying a sweatshirt does not have to be hard. This simple to follow tutorial will show you an easy way to scrunch the shirt to create a galaxy design.

Find the Tutorial by Riahs Tie Dye HERE

3. Tie Dye Hoodie – Easy Ice Dye Tutorial for Beginners (Swirl Pattern)

Instead of using liquid dye for tie dying sweatshirts use dye powder and ice. This is a fun technique that produces beautiful results.

Find the Tutorial by Riahs Tie Dye HERE

4. Tie-Dye Designs: Sweatshirt Wiffle Ball Watercolor Scrunch Ice Dye

Here is another fun tie dying sweatshirt tutorial that uses ice and powdered dye. However, this is a DOI (dye over ice) method.

Dye is sprinkled all over the ice. Once the ice melts, the sweatshirt is allowed to cure for 48 hours.

Find the Tutorial by Belladonna Dyes Co HERE

5. Reverse Dyed Rainbow Tie Dye Sweatshirt

Most of the time, people tie dye white shirts. But you can use black shirts too. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to remove the black dye and add coloured dye.

Find the Tutorial by Fun Endeavors HERE

6. Tie-dying Sweatshirt : Crumple Hoodie

Here is another tie dying sweatshirt tutorial that uses the crumple technique. With this tie dye design, you simply apply different colours of dye randomly over the shirt to get an interesting, splattered design.

You will need previous knowledge of the basics of tie dying to complete this shirt.

Find the Tutorial by Chandye HERE

7. Fan Folded Tie Dye Sweatshirt [Incline Ice Dye]

This tie dying sweatshirt tutorial uses folding techniques to create the fan folded pattern. Folding techniques are often used when tie dying t shirts. Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to fold a t shirt and get an interesting design.

Find the Tutorial by Fun Endeavors HERE

8. How to tie dye a sweatshirt, V and emblem patterns

Here is a fun how to video for how to tie dye a sweatshirt using both an emblem and a V pattern design. The artist uses powdered dye and ice. However, this process works equally well with liquid dye.

Find the Tutorial by Dyeverse Designs HERE

9. Tie Dye a mostly White Rainbow Spiral Hoodie

When tie dying sweatshirts, you do not have to cover the whole piece in dye. This DIY video tutorial will show you an easy way to create a fun rainbow design while leaving a lot of white in the design too.

Find the Tutorial by MrTieDye HERE

10. Tie Dye Hoodie : Easy Liquid Dye Tutorial For Beginners (Spiral Design)

Create an easy spiral design on a hoodie using liquid dyes. This tie dye tutorial covers the entire process from spiralling the shirt to washing out the dye.

Find the Tutorial by Riahs Tie Dye HERE

11. Rainbow diy tie dye sweatshirt Crinkle

Here is a very quick video tutorial that you can use for tie dying sweatshirts that look different on the front and the back. It is a simple project that anyone can do.

Find the Tutorial by Roslyn Rags HERE

12. Tie Dye pattern : Ice Dye Vertical Split Sweatshirt

Here is a unique vertical split pattern on a sweatshirt. The tutorial shows you how to create this fun design using the ice dye method.

You will begin by drawing the vertical split design onto the sweatshirt with a washable marker. Then bind the centre using a kite string. From there, you will scrunch each side of the sweatshirt individually.

Find the Tutorial by Riahs Tie Dye HERE

13. Sweatshirt Tie dye Patterns P123 : Heavy Crumple

Using a heavy crumble can give you a spattered pattern with a lot of white left behind. It is a fun technique that is ideal for beginners.

Find the Tutorial by Chandye HERE

14. How to Tie Dye a Multi-Colored Galaxy Hoodie – Crumple Design (Scrunch)

Learn how to tie dye a multi-colored galaxy hoodie using the crumple design. This is a step-by-step tie dying sweatshirt tutorial that uses a sweatshirt, dye, kite string, and a bakers rack.

Find the Tutorial by Riahs Tie Dye HERE

15. Making a Blueberry Geode TIE DYE Hoodie! | How to Tie Dye Sweatshirt

To make this interesting geode design, you grab random areas and wrap them several times to create texture. There is a lot of wrapping involved in this pattern, so it will take quite a while to prepare the shirt before you can dye it.

Find the Pattern by Dobbs Dyes HERE


Tie dye patterns are fun to create and wear. If you enjoy being creative and trying your hand at new techniques, give a few of these tie dying sweatshirt tutorials a try. 

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