10 DIY Coffee Candle Recipes

Dec 6, 2021 | Candles, General Crafts, Home Decor Crafts, Homemade gifts

If you love the smell of coffee or just want your home to smell like your favorite cafe, there’s a coffee-scented candle out there with your name on it. We rounded up 10 of our favorite DIY Coffee Candle Recipes that are sure to get you buzzing.

DIY Coffee Candles

The many health benefits associated with drinking coffee are often lauded. But did you know that studies suggest just smelling coffee may help reduce stress, increase positive thoughts, and even increase problem-solving abilities? 


10 Coffee Candle Recipes

By making your own coffee scented candle using upcycled ingredients, you can fill your house with that wonderful, energizing, coffee odor whenever you like!

1. Homemade Coffee Bean Soy Candle by Ann’s Entitled Life

Easily and inexpensively make your own Homemade Coffee Bean Soy Candle with this step by step tutorial. Make a coffee bean candle for yourself or a few to give as gifts.

This lovely homemade coffee candle uses real coffee and no-build-up soy wax for a truly unique and fabulous soy candle.

Homemade Coffee Bean Soy Candle by Ann's Entitled Life

Follow the tutorial here


2. French Vanilla DIY Coffee Candles by Hello Glow

DIY candles scented with coffee and vanilla beans for the perfect French vanilla scent without the headache!

French Vanilla Coffee Candles by Hello Glow

Follow the tutorial here


3. DIY Cozy Coffee Candle by Make Calm Lovely

These coffee candles combine the best of both worlds.  They smell gorgeous, they give your home a relaxing glow, and they are the perfect Hygge set up for you and your home.

This coffee candle will also make the perfect gift for a coffee lover too! Tie it with a ribbon or string and attach a gift tag to it for gifting.

DIY Cozy Coffee Candle by Make Calm Lovely

Follow the tutorial here


4. Upcycle Coffee Cup Candle by Pop Sugar

Next time you’re enjoying a hot cuppa joe from your favorite coffee spot, instead of tossing the paper container, take it home to repurpose into a homemade candle.

Use leftover wax candle ends, along with a sprinkling of used coffee grounds, and you’ve got a fun and eye-opening candle to scent your home or give as a gift.

Upcycle Coffee Cup Candle by Pop Sugar

Follow the tutorial here


5. Easy Upcycle Coffee Candles by The Whole Carrot

You can make this DIY Coffee Candle about as upcycled as you want by using spent coffee grounds, the leftover odds and ends of wax from used candles, and an old mug no one uses because it’s chipped or simply does not hold enough coffee.

Easy Upcycle Coffee Candles by The Whole Carrot

Follow the tutorial here


6. DIY Coffee Candle by DIY & Crafts

This coffee scented candle is so simple to make. It’s perfect for home décor, and the smell is fantastic. And, you don’t need a lot of materials or tools to do this one. Just: a pillar candle, a hot glue gun, and coffee beans.

DIY Coffee Candle by DIY & Crafts

Follow the tutorial here


7. DIY Coffee Candle Mugs by Farmhouse Chic Living

Rather you can’t drink enough coffee in a day or simply crave the smell of coffee, a DIY coffee candle mug is the perfect way to make your farmhouse smell like a coffee house! Crafted with soy wax for a clean long-lasting burn and real coffee oil poured into a coffee mug. 

DIY Coffee Candle Mugs by Farmhouse Chic Living

Follow the tutorial here


8. DIY Coffee Bean Candles by Maiko Nagao

An ultra yummy DIY coffee scented candle for your home. All you need is a bag of coffee beans, some bowls and tea light candles. The candle heats up the coffee beans and releases an amazing aroma that fills your entire home.

DIY Coffee Bean Candles by Maiko Nagao

Follow the tutorial here


9. Coffee Scented Candles by Premeditated Leftovers

This easy tutorial for Coffee Scented Candles is a great choice for a fun and unique gift idea. Give them as gifts to any coffee lover or use them to scent your home! The tutorial uses soy wax flakes and real coffee grounds.

Coffee Scented Candles by Premeditated Leftovers

Follow the tutorial here


10. DIY Coffee Candle

At the end of a long day, all I can think about is to unwind in front of my fireplace with a good book and a tall glass of wine. And the mood is always set with a beautifully scented candle that fills the room with the aroma of relaxation and home.

DIY Coffee Candle


So I thought it was pretty cool when I came across this DIY coffee candle.  One thing I also like is the smell of coffee in the morning. It usually wakes me right up, and I can feel all my senses come alive. How cool is it that you can make coffee scented candles? I know some of you could use this in your everyday life. I had to try it out for myself, and the results were beautifully scented, to say the least.

A Word Of Caution

Before I made my candle I had read that there is a chance of coffee beans burning if they are too close to the candle flame. I ended up placing the coffee beans around the outside of the candle so that they are not near the wick, and so far have not had any issues.

And if you don’t want to take that risk, you can replace the coffee beans with another scent such as lavender or vanilla.

Materials For The DIY Coffee Candle

What you need:

  • Small bowls or glasses. Collect a few colorful containers you have around the house.
  • Candle wax.
  • Candle wick
  • Coffee beans
  • Vanilla beans, chopped
DIY Coffee Candle


Making The DIY Coffee Candle

The procedure and the tutorial for making the candles is pretty straight forward and can be found in the link at the end of this post. It is actually pretty easy and no skill is required, just the skill to have fun.

The basic procedure is to melt the candle wax. Then you hold the wick in the center of the container you want to use. After that you just pour in the candle wax along with the coffee and the vanilla while stirring with a chopstick to evenly distribute the ingredients.

Or put the coffee beans in last to keep them away from the wick. You have to give the candle a few minutes to dry up before sniping of the wick and voila you have your candle.

The end result is a beautifully scented candle that will melt away your stresses.

DIY Coffee Candle


Why Not Gift A DIY Coffee Candle?

Now that you have made one for yourself, why not try and make a few more? You can try gifting some friends and family with your DIY Coffee Candle. They will fall in love at first light.

These scented candles do more than just smell good; aroma therapy is a very good method of stress relief. By surrounding yourself with good aromas you can actually uplift your mood.

So you can also use the DIY coffee candle to set the ambiance at a party or just to heat things up in the bedroom. Your lover won’t be able to resist the heavenly smell coming from your bedroom.

DIY Coffee Candle

DIY Coffee Candle Instructions



If you do give this craft a go, let me know how you get on by sharing your progress on our Facebook Page. Candle-making can look intimidating, but it is actually quite easy and fun to do.

Waking up to a coffee-scented shower might be just as good as a mug of the real deal. Check out these 15 coffee scrub recipes that will leave your skin smooth, soft and smelling like your favorite blend.

For more DIY crafts, check out our Pop Bottle Candles, DIY Mason Jar Citronella Candles and DIY Sangria Gift Basket everyone would surely love.

Happy candle making with your favorite DIY coffee candle!

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